Your wedding planning financial timelines you must keep

The time has come when you’re ready to take on the role of bride!  Congratulations on this exciting chapter in your life. Before you can leap into marital bliss, however, there are a few important financial obligations and time constraints that you’ll need to consider.

You’re probably already busy thinking about your wedding and getting ready for that big day. By setting up a wedding timeline and understanding the your financial obligations as a bride, you can ensure that your ceremony goes off without a hitch and you can enjoy your gorgeous wedding.

Setting Financial Boundaries

We’re all trained that it’s impolite to talk about money in most social circumstances, but this is not the time to be bashful! When planning for your wedding, sit down with your fiancé and your respective families to openly discuss financial obligations, expectations, and the most realistic budget with which you can work.

There are no hard and fast rules on your financial obligations as a bride:; some couples pay for the wedding themselves, while some parents cover or chip in on the total expense.

If you’re fresh out of college, with no steady income or savings of which to speak, you might be looking to your parents to step in and cover such expenses as the gown, wedding venue, flowers, and reception.

On the other hand, if you and your fiancé are marrying later in life and have well-established careers, you may decide that it is more appropriate if you foot the bill for most expenses yourselves. If this is the case, be prepared to spend upwards of $20,000 to $40,000 depending on how elaborate your you’d like your wedding will to be.

Timelines to Consider

Planning a wedding is a very exciting time, and you have some big decisions to make right off the bat. Once your budget is in hand and you have a firm grasp on who is paying for what (and how much you can afford to shell out for each component) you can start ticking off the tasks on your “To Do” list.

The general timeline we discuss follows the assumption that, as the bride,, you’ll be doing most of the “heavy lifting,” ideally with the help of your trusted maid of honor and a fiancé who are ready to pitch in and help you get things done!

If you’ve passed any of these tasks off to someone else, it won’t be your obligation, but it still helps to know when each step should be addressed.

Generally, six to twelve months before your big day you should have the “big picture items” on lockdown:

– Setting the date

– Booking a wedding site

– Creating the guest list

– Choosing the bridal party

– Booking a reception site

You’ll also want to send out those save-the-date notes so that everyone knows to plan for your special date! Start the wedding dress shopping now and start thinking about the honeymoon.

Your financial obligations as a bride may require making a deposit up front for things such as the reception site or photographer. This can ensure that everything is locked in for your wedding and you avoid any unexpected surprises.

In the two to six months before your wedding, you’ll been refining things and tending to those little details, like:

– Finalizing wedding contracts

– Hiring the limo

– Reserving a block of rooms in a hotel for out-of-town guests

– Registering for gifts

– Choosing a wedding ring

– Sending out the actual wedding invites

– Reconfirming all dates and times with your officiator and any wedding professionals (florist, caterer, DJ) for peace of mind

In the month before your wedding, most of the intensive work has already been done; you just need to wrap up the loose ends, such as:

– Meeting with your hair stylist

– Arranging the final wedding dress fitting

– Picking up the marriage license

The last few weeks before the wedding are a good time to finalize everything before you walk down the aisle. This means a lot of reconfirming of plans that were already put into place months ago. These are great jobs to delegate to the maid of honor! And certainly, don’t forget to make time for all the fun you’ll be having at your bachelorette party.

In the week before the wedding you’ll want to:

– Pay the balance for all of your vendors and wedding professionals

– Get all of the tips ready

– Give your caterer the final guest count

– Pay the balance for all of your vendors and wedding professionals

When the big day arrives, your only real obligation is to yourself and your intended! After all of your hard work and planning, you’re sure to have the wedding of your dreams.

Just remember to breathe, enjoy the company of your friends and family, and celebrate one of the biggest moments in your life.

By planning ahead for your time and financial responsibilities, you help to make the process easier on yourself and all those who are involved in this special day. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!