Why you should have a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are on the rise lately, and with any booming trend comes an underlying level of controversy. In today’s shaky economy, some guests view the decision to have a destination wedding as far-fetched, unrealistic, and in some cases, even downright rude. In spite of a handful of valid opposing points, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t let the haters pop your dream destination wedding bubble—and a few ways to go about it to win those haters over.

Be Realistic When Considering a Destination Wedding

Asking your entire wedding guest list to spend a chunk of change on transportation, accommodations, and meals while they’re vacationing for your wedding is asking a lot. If you’re choosing a destination location that’s far away from the majority of your guests, take into account just how much it will cost each invitee to attend your nuptials. Factor in time your guests may have to take off work and the number of regretful RSVPs just duplicated.

How can you hold your dream day without being seen as inconsiderate to those financially less fortunate than yourselves? You have a few options to tip the scales in your favor. If you’re willing and able, the easiest form of encouragement is to pay the way for your guests (or at least, perhaps on the sly, for those you know would be unable to attend otherwise).

Considering a Destination Wedding?

If you can’t afford to host the entire guest list on your tab, consider chipping in for everyone equally, such as buying a night at the hotel for each party.

Of course, footing the guests’ bill—or any part of it—is unrealistic for most couples, so you might want to turn the tables when it comes to tradition and request that your guests leave any thought of a wedding present at home.

No, it’s not a voucher for a round-trip ticket, but the gesture will make it clear that their presence and sheer willingness to drop beaucoup bucks on this monumental day means much more to you than a top-of-the-line toaster. And when it comes to money (as you’ve surely learned amidst your wedding planning), every little bit counts, right?

Be Considerate of Your guests if considering a Destination Wedding

Without a specific date set, you’ll be able to lure more of your guests to your destination wedding if you schedule it around a time that’s generally more convenient (read: summer). Guests with kids won’t have to worry as much about jostling school and sports schedules, while most professionals opt to take their vacations in the summer anyway. By presenting your celebration in an ideal destination around the same time your guests would have planned a vacation anyway, you’re giving your guests no reason to turn down your invitation.

The same sentiment goes for location. Unless you have that dream resort already decorated in your mind, explore your options. Those couples who simply dream of being married in a foreign or new environment can play their guest list to their advantage. Is there a spot to which the majority of your guests have a habit of traveling? If your guests are spread far and wide and will have to travel no matter where your wedding is held, is there a central location that garners equal travel time for all parties?

Do you have any family members living off the map who might be up for hosting your nuptials? Are there other attractions nearby your destination to entertain your guests before and after your wedding, should they choose to extend their vacation? The more convenient you make your location, the higher your turnout will be.

Be Prepared for discussion and disagreement over the idea of your Destination Wedding

No matter what you do to make your destination wedding as convenient as possible, chances are a few naysayers will still make their opinion known. To assuage any negative feedback, consider hosting a welcome-home reception so any guests who can’t make the trek will still be able to celebrate with you. Announcing the reception in conjunction with the wedding itself will help quell the quibbling before it even begins.

If you have your destination picked out but you’ve got a growing headache just thinking about the possible backlash, you might want to reconsider your vision. You only get married once (hopefully), so take into account what it means to have all of your important guests in attendance. You can always honeymoon in paradise instead.

Head into your destination wedding planning with a strong vision of what you want and you’re guaranteed to leave behind any haters. Those who don’t agree with your decision will have to come to terms with just that: it’s your decision. If they don’t want to spend the money or effort required to witness your big day in person, they can always peruse the pictures with you when you return. No, it’s not a traditional wedding scenario—but that’s half the fun!