Why not wear some flowers in your hair on your wedding day?

Springtime is dawning and flowers are budding. When planning a wedding for this lovely time of year, many brides wish to incorporate the blooming splendor around them into their bridal fashion. Flowers make gorgeous hair accessories, lending color and texture, as well as a pleasant scent, to the overall fashion statement. From shy violets to bold gardenias, find your ideal hair accessories in flowers. 

Consider Flower Size

Like all accessories, flowers come in different sizes. It’s important not to eclipse your face with a flower that is overpoweringly large. Accessorize as you would with any jewelry; find a type of flower that complements your look without competing for attention. 

If you are wearing a layered ball gown with many ruffles and petticoats, a large flower in your hair will balance the overall shape of your outfit. Consider lilies, roses, gardenias, and wisteria blossoms. 

If you are wearing a minimal wedding gown, such as a form-fitting sheath or a tea-length dress, look for delicate flowers. An arrangement of jasmine flowers, violets, daisies, or rosebuds will enhance your look without stealing the spotlight. 

When choosing a flower size, consider the color of your flowers. White flowers can usually get away with being larger since their neutral color won’t distract from your face. However, boldly-colored red, yellow, blue, or fuchsia flowers should be slightly smaller because they shine brightly without any help.

Choosing Flower Colors

Many brides choose flowers to match their wedding dress or the dresses that their bridesmaids wear. However, you can choose flowers of any color you like. Perhaps you want to bring out the color of your eyes or match the color of your birthstone. Perhaps you want your flower to be your “something blue” for good luck. Different types of flowers can be found in nearly any color. Additionally, your florist can dye white flowers to match your wedding colors exactly.

Flower color is less important than flower shape and size. Focus on finding a flower that embodies the type of look you will wear on your wedding day. Pale roses give an elegant, antique charm. Sunflowers lend a vibrant energy. Violets and curling ferns evoke a magical, fantasy atmosphere. Red poinsettias are the essence of winter romance. First and foremost, find a flower that matches your theme.

Planning a Hairstyle

Choosing the perfect flowers is just the beginning. Now it’s time to decide how you will wear the flowers in your hair. Large flowers look outstanding when pinned into an updo. Medium-sized flowers can be woven into a wreath to encircle your head. Small flowers look delicate and graceful when pinned in an arc along the temple or down a small braid of hair. If you are wearing your hair down and loose, try scattering flowers throughout that are held in place by nearly-invisible clips.

Alternate different sizes of flowers for a more integrated look. Large blossoms, such as peonies, look wonderful when surrounded by small carnations or daisies. One blooming rose can be highlighted by surrounding it with a few buds. Immediately enhance any flower by pinning it with a small spray of baby’s breath. 

You can create a “floral fascinator” by arranging different types of flowers into a single bunch ahead of time, and then pinning the group of flowers to one side of your head. Include a few flowers that droop down, such as wisteria blossoms, to add a graceful visual flow to the whole piece.

Artificial Flowers

If you or your nearest and dearest have pollen allergies, you don’t have to miss out on a floral fashion statement. Indulge your sense of beauty with silk flowers. These can even be scented with perfumes–just make sure no one who will be close to you has perfume sensitivities in addition to pollen allergies. 

While silk flowers will never look completely, unmistakably natural, they are often able to pass for real flowers in photographs. They have the added advantage of never wilting or drooping. Once you invest in silk flowers for your wedding, you can wear them over and over again or use them to decorate your home. Best yet, you can use silk flowers that are replicas of real flowers–or you can commission one-of-a-kind flowers in shapes and colors that are completely unique to your wedding.

Wearing flowers as hair accessories often brings to mind the famous line from the Scott McKenzie song, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” However, beautiful flowers aren’t limited to a single city–or even a single season! Regardless of whether you are getting married as a springtime bride or a midwinter one, beautiful flowers are available in every shape and color to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day.