Why not have a cherry blossom themed wedding?

Do you feel that weddings are a time for romance, innocence, and new beginnings? The coming year seems to agree with you. One of the most popular wedding colors is none other than cherry blossom pink.

These light, blushing flowers are beloved around the world for their brilliant display every spring. Depending on where you live, your city may have an official cherry blossom festival during the peak of blooming–Washington, D.C.’s is especially famous.

Even though the delicate blossoms themselves only last for about a week, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate their beauty year-round. A cherry blossom-inspired wedding theme will bring a light, springtime feel to your festivities–even if your wedding is in midwinter.

Embrace your refined side by pairing the coming year’s favorite hue with a flawless white or cream. Alternatively, bring out the light tones by contrasting it with deep brown or ebony. Cherry blossom pink is incredibly versatile, so they way you use it is up to you!

Setting the Mood

Believe it or not, wedding colors are about far more than what kind of stationery and chair covers you use. Your wedding colors should complement everything from the type of flowers in your bouquet to the music you play as you walk down the aisle.

If you’re choosing a cherry blossom pink color scheme, echo it in ways that appeal to all five senses and you’ll treat your guests to a truly immersive experience.

Pale pink table settings thrive in brightness. While this can be achieved with careful lighting, it’s easiest to attain during the peak of sunlight. Consider planning a morning wedding or, at the very least, a wedding in the early afternoon.

Not only will you achieve a sparkling table setting where each water glass casts rainbows on the table linens, but you’ll also enjoy potential venue discounts by holding a wedding earlier in the day. Look for venues that make the most of the day’s light with bright, airy sunrooms full of windows and open space.

When choosing your wedding music, you have a wealth of choices. Cherry blossoms are delicate and beautiful, so look for music that evokes a gentle mood. Live musicians with melodic instruments such as the harp, violin, or piano can fill your space with a soft beauty.

If you’re choosing among pre-recorded tracks, look for classical or orchestral music that can lend your wedding a relaxed, elegant feel. Cherry blossoms are extremely beloved in Japan, so you may wish to use classical Japanese music such as a stringed koto. Look for songs about “sakura,” or cherry blossoms.

Scent plays a large part in the atmosphere of a room. Even if you’re not holding your wedding during the peak of the cherry blossom display, you can still embrace a similar floral atmosphere.

Complement your blushing pink wedding colors with aromatic fresh flowers, such as roses, jasmine, or gardenias, to captivate people as soon as they enter. You may want to use lightly scented incense or candles as well, but always use artificial scents in moderation to avoid setting off allergies.

The Menu

In addition to their beauty, cherry blossoms are also edible, with a sweet, subtle taste that lingers on the tongue. You can find candied cherry blossoms (and even ones that have been preserved with salt) no matter the season.

Look for cherry blossom jam, syrup, honey, chocolates, and baked goods like scones and muffins. While the blossoms’ scarcity makes preserved products a little pricey, you can use small amounts to accent your menu and lend a decadent feeling.

If you want a more robust taste, look no further than cherries themselves. Mini cherry pies make perfect wedding favors, especially when baked in take-home jars. Sour cherry sauce makes a mouth-watering addition to fish, poultry, and tofu dishes.

An array of sweet cherries covered in white chocolate will make your dessert table as beautiful as it is irresistible. Don’t forget the cherry icing on the wedding cake!

You don’t have to take the cherry blossom theme literally. Evoke the pleasing color alone by serving a selection of cookies, cupcakes, candies, and cakes topped with delicate pink icing. You can ask your bakery to match the precise hue of blush on your cheeks when you think about your fiancé.

Look for sparkling pink drinks, such as pink champagne and pink lemonade, to bring out a sense of effervescence in your wedding guests as well. Garnish drinks with candied raspberries or, better yet–a cherry on top!

Venue Décor

When looking for cherry blossom decorations, you’re likely to encounter a lot of Japanese themes. You can embrace this aesthetic by using stylized, calligraphy-style wall decals of delicate branches and cherry blossoms blowing in the wind.

Bonsai trees, especially ones with pink flowers, make charming table décor. Use pale pink paper lanterns to light your venue in soft, blushing tones. You may wish to denote spaces in your venue with folding paper shoji screens. These are often hand-painted with cherry blossoms, as well.

Alternatively, you can depart from Japanese tradition and use cherry blossoms as your own inspiration. If you’re lucky enough to be holding a wedding in cherry blossom season, collect baskets of blossoms for your flower girls to scatter.

If cherry blossoms aren’t in season, decorate walls and encircle centerpieces with silk cherry blossom wreaths and bouquet sprays for table arrangements.

Illuminate your venue with strings of lights where each glowing point is shaped like a pink blossom. Give yourself and your wedding party pink flowers to wear in your corsages, boutonnieres, and hair. (Although cherry blossoms are fragile, you can use more durable silk versions, or embrace similarly-hued flowers like miniature pink roses and pink orchids.)

Whether you choose a classic, traditional approach, or you use cherry blossoms as the starting point to inspire your own imagination, the beloved springtime flowers will create an irresistible theme for your wedding. Pair their pale pink splendor with whatever colors you like–light or dark, cherry blossom weddings are stealing the spotlight