Why not design your own wedding dress

Choosing to design your own wedding dress is a great idea if you have a perfect dress in mind, or you just want something that is one of a kind. Maybe, like me, you flicked through innumerable bridal magazines only to screw your face up at the meringue style offerings. Or maybe you’ve looked through them and wished you could match the bodice of one with the skirt of another. 

Why design your own dress?

Buying a wedding dress from a boutique can be a traumatic experience. The first time I went dress shopping I was squeezed into puffy, stark white pieces that looked ridiculous, was scolded for touching a dress without gloves on, and even copped a pin prick in the side from one sales assistant. One afternoon and I was put off that process forever! 

Designing your own wedding dress is a much better way of staying in control of the process. Instead of letting a sales assistant tell you what looks good, decide for yourself, and take your ideas to a dress maker or designer.

I didn’t end up designing my own dress, but I did get the one I liked made in a different colour. I really didn’t want to wear white, mostly because it makes me look like I have the flu. Instead, I found a dressmaker who would create the dress I loved in champagne silk. Still bridal, but much more flattering. Finding a dress that looks like a wedding dress, but is not white can be difficult. Hiring a dressmaker is a good way to get around this. You can also easily add in a pop of colour with underskirts, sashes, details or buttons.

A friend of mine fell in love with a designer dress. However, when she tried it on, the mermaid style did not complement her short stature. She decided to design her own hybrid dress, with the assistance of a wedding dress designer she tracked down. Instead of the mermaid style, the designer came up with an a-line cut which was much more flattering, but still featured the bodice she loved.

Cost is another incentive to design your own dress, her hybrid came out far cheaper than the original designer dress she had her eye on. 

For many brides, their dress is one of the most important aspects of their wedding. One sure way to get the dress you want is to design it yourself.

How to design your own wedding dress

There are many ways you can design your own wedding dress. I had a wedding dress designer simply modify an already existing design, this is pretty common. Some designers will work with you to come up with something bespoke, but keep in mind this is an expensive option. 

If you want more control over the creative process, then your best option may be to find a dressmaker who specialises in wedding dresses. If you’re after a hybrid dress, or have your own sketches that you would like someone to work with, then this is the best choice. It’s also one of the cheaper options. You will usually need to source your own fabric as well, which is a great way to get the exact colour and style you’re after. If you can have a pattern made, or perhaps even make it yourself, then you could use an ordinary dress maker. 

When you design your own wedding dress, you will have a unique creation. More importantly, it’s the best way to get exactly the dress you want for your wedding day.