Why have just one wedding dress? Embrace the Three-Dress-Wedding Trend by Making It Your Own

Several cultures have incorporated multiple dress changes into their traditional weddings, drawing attention to the bride over and over again and making her feel like a real princess on her special day.

In the Shinto tradition, a bride may change several times throughout the wedding.  Today, these dress changes often include a traditional white kimono, a white dress, and a colored dress or kimono. The ceremony is tailored to make each wardrobe change coincide with the start of an important event within the celebration.

For instance, the bride may debut her first dress at the reception. Following the first dance, the cutting of the cake, and toasts, the bride will sneak away to change into another one of her dresses to socialize in.  The bride may then change for a final time before a candle service, where the couple each lights an unlit candle from their respective parent’s tables and proceed to light candles set on all of their guests’ tables. 

The Current Trend

Hollywood’s most fashionable brides are adopting the three-dress tradition and adapting it to their own tastes. 

Fashion designer Vera Wang, created three different, full-length, white wedding gowns for Kim Kardashian’s nuptials to professional basketball player Kris Humphries. More recently, Shannen Doherty chose three designer dresses by Monique Lhuillier, with a knee-length bridal dress sported during the reception of her wedding to Kurt Iswarienko.

Dress Changes for Today’s Modern Bride

There are several reasons why changing dresses during your wedding celebration may be worth considering. Besides keeping in line with both tradition and the cutting-edge trend-setters making headlines, it also keeps the focus on the bride as the main event. Plus, it can be practical by allowing you to select more comfortable pieces for different portions of the event.

A few ideas you may want to consider when incorporating wardrobe changes into your special event:

  • Sticking with the same designer– Selecting gowns from the same designer provides a sense of cohesion to your wardrobe changes.
  • Getting a convertible dress–This option is a fun and practical choice. Selecting a wedding dress with a removable train and shortening options allows you to transform your once floor-length gown into a more comfortable and free-moving cocktail dress. The two-looks-in-one format can save you money and will make moving around the room, dancing, and socializing an easier endeavor.
  • Coordinating style changes with an event–Timing your wardrobe to mirror a shift in the celebration is a great way to accentuate the moment. It will bring special attention to your attire as well as indicate to your guests that their attention is desired. A style change could be made with your initial entrance at the reception, your first dance with the groom, throwing of the bouquet, the toasts, leaving for your honeymoon, or any number of marked celebratory highlights.
  • Slacks–For those wanting to set their own trend, slacks will definitely make a statement. This style choice is made most often as the newlyweds are heading out for their honeymoon. However, for adventurous types who feel most comfortable in a nice-fitting pair of pants, this preference may be just right for you at any time in the celebration.

Placing your own spin on the traditional three-dress-wedding trend is a perfect way for you to share your unique charm and personality with your guests through your own fashion choices, and to make your wedding unmistakably your own.