What are the best Honeymoon destinations?

Hawaii, United States: If you’re an American who wants an exotic Honeymoon without the need of vaccinations or passports, then Hawaii is the answer. Whether you choose the island with the state’s capital of Honolulu, or a more romantic and secluded island like Maui, you won’t be disappointed. This state caters to millions of couples every year, and they know how to make your Honeymoon everything you’ve dreamed of.

As for accommodation, trust only the best, such as Halekulani just outside Waikiki, which is the only property in the state to score Five Diamond awards from AAA for both lodging and dining. Or Kona Village Resort on the Big Island, or Hotel Hana on Maui. You can have champagne while you watch a Hawaiian sunset, take a drive to a remote location near a waterfall in the lush forest, or to a deserted beach for intimate privacy. You can also take a dinner cruise to see the island at sunset, or go horseback riding on the beach. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy on your Honeymoon vacation, not to mention great weather virtually year around that won’t hinder your date planning.

Perfect for you if: you want a variety of options on your Honeymoon. Whether you are the active type that wants to take a quad tour up the mountains, hike, or learn to windsurf. Or if you want secluded beaches and quiet moments with your new spouse with a picturesque island backdrop.

Bora Bora, Tahiti: When most people try to describe paradise, they often describe Tahiti. In the Pacific Ocean, part of the French Polynesia, lie these secluded, tranquil islands in the middle of crystal blue water. The most ideal thing about these islands is that you can visit them all year around, and they are equally inviting. They are also famous for their depiction of an exotic island vacation with their iconic over-the-water bungalows. As much as it feels like an escape from civilization, you can still find plenty of things to do, such as taking part in some of the best scuba diving in the world, or relaxing at a spa, and the hotels often offer shows and some bars for a social night. Bora Bora also has it’s own Club Med, which is also great accommodation for Honeymooners, as well as playing host to a variety of resorts and hotels that cater to newlyweds with romantic suites and packages.

Perfect for you if: You want an exotic, secluded Honeymoon with crystal clear waters to escape from the routine of every day life. And, if you don’t mind sacrificing a vibrant night life for fewer crowds and a relaxed atmosphere.

Italy: Whether it is Venice, or Rome, or Florence, Italy has been alluring newly married couples from all over the world for years to spend the most romantic holiday of their lives. From it’s picturesque canals to it’s towering architecture, every couple can find something that appeals to their tastes. The most coveted experiences that define the word “Romance” can be found in abundance, such as a ride through the canals on a gondola, or cande lit dinners in a quaint cafe, you can have it all in Italy.

The nightlife throughout Italy is also famous throughout the world, with great clubs featuring live music and amazing wine. If you venture off the mainland to Sicily, you will find lush vineyards and untouched beaches. Italy has the full spectrum of the most desirable attributes when it comes to vacationing, all in one country.

Perfect for you if: you enjoy sightseeing and architecture, as well as great restaurants, wine and art. Also, if you don’t mind crowds and lines virtually everywhere you go, particularly the main land. There is also less than favorable weather some parts of the year that might demand you plan your vacation later than you had hoped.

France: There is a reason why this has been the singularly most popular destination for many years running, playing host to millions of newlyweds on their Honeymoons every year. Regardless of your particular vacation tastes, France can cater to your every desire. From secluded mountain resorts, to picturesque beaches, to luxurious hotels, you can find it here.

The most beloved cities by Honeymooners are Paris, Cape d’Agde and Loire Valley. You can experience the epitome of romance with wine tasting in the vineyards, or lie on some of the most famous beaches in the world, or see the greatest artwork in history.

Perfect for you if: you want a variety of activities and attractions available to you on your Honeymoon, and if you don’t mind planning it in advance to avoid the rainy season.