Weddings on Wheels? Say Yes to the Roller Rink

As far as funky wedding venues go, you can’t go wrong with a roller rink. The smooth floor, the colorful lights, and the whir of spinning roller wheels take many people back to happy childhood and teenage memories. Even for the least coordinated guests, there are happy times to be had at a roller rink. (After all, you don’t have to wear wheels if you don’t want to!) Rent your local rink for a few hours and celebrate your new marriage with a spin around the rink.

Fun and Affordable

Roller rinks make extremely affordable venues. If your local rink hasn’t hosted many weddings before, you may be able to score an even lower rental rate than usual. Being far off the beaten track of usual wedding venues, many roller-skating rinks don’t suffer from the popular malady of, “Quick, hike up the prices, I see an engaged couple!” If you’ve been seeing exorbitant price tags on otherwise-inexpensive venues merely because you’re considering getting married there, give your nearest roller rink a call. The novelty of hosting a wedding there may be enough to gain a sympathetic ear.

Roller-skating rinks often come with in-house staff included for the price of a venue rental. It’s fairly common for the price to include the rink’s resident DJ, at least. If you know and love the DJ, this is great news for your wedding. However, if you want another DJ (or even a live band) to provide musical accompaniment while your guests skate, ask the rink management ahead of time whether this will incur an added fee.

The same advice goes for using your own catering. Chances are, the roller rink is not equipped to produce more elegant food than pepperoni pizza and French fries–that is, if it provides any food at all. Factors like whether or not the rink has a kitchen will affect the kind of food you can serve. Many catering companies are able to prepare food ahead of time and keep it warm at your location, so the logistics of serving food is a good topic to discuss with both the venue and the caterer.

You may wish to hire a food truck to serve your guests from the parking lot. Although it sounds questionable to some, food trucks are actually the latest wedding craze. They can serve gourmet twists on all styles of food from Southern-style barbecue to filet mignon tacos.

Casual Dress

When inviting friends and family to a roller rink wedding, keep in mind that most people will not want to skate in their finest formal wear. Not only can nice clothing be ruined by an ill-timed fall, but formal clothing is often too constricting for safe and enjoyable skating, anyway. Ask for casual dress on your invitations in order to encourage people to bring their sense of fun.

If you want to maintain a dressy theme, ask your guests to wear comfortable clothing, but let them know that prizes will be given for best accessories. Long strands of pearls, fancy hats and fascinators, feathered shawls, and jeweled earrings will spice up your wedding photos. With the proper accessorizing, there will be no doubt that everyone is gathered to celebrate a special occasion.

As a skating bride, you’ll have to forgo the cathedral-length wedding veil. While several bridesmaids skating behind you, elevating your gown’s train, might make a charming photo-op, in reality trailing fabric can pose a safety hazard. If you have fun ideas for a long bridal gown on wheels, rent the rink on a separate occasion for a full set of wedding photos without guests getting in the way. Tea-length dresses work well for the skating rink. A pair of white satin kneepads won’t hurt, either!

Skating grooms have it a little bit easier. A suit or tuxedo provides enough flexibility to skate without worry. However, for a more casual look that still proclaims, “I’m the groom,” pair your favorite skating outfit with a top hat, elegant tie, or dinner jacket complete with a rose tucked into the lapel.

For the ultimate accessories, don’t forget the skates themselves. Since you’re saving so much money on the wedding venue, splurge a little on a pair of fancy roller skates. Matching skates for the bridesmaids and groomsmen will go a long way towards lending the group cohesion in your wedding photos, and you can match the colors of the wheels to your wedding colors. Complete the look with matching, brightly-colored laces.

Get Rolling!

You and your sweetheart picked the roller rink because you both love skating, right? If you know you’ve got roller skills and you’d like to show off, there’s no better time than when you’re already the center of attention. Rehearse a “first dance” on wheels to wow your guests with your coordination and to show off how well you work as a team. Your roller-skating wedding will be like no other, so get ready to be the talk of the town for years to come!