Wedding Venues: Are Banqueting Halls Boring?

For the bride and groom who want their wedding to go off without a hitch (besides the most important hitch, that is), a banquet hall is the venue of choice. Make a reservation and know with absolute certainty that your special day will be well planned and executed by professionals who have arranged countless other beautiful marriages in their time.

One Size Fits All

What’s more important to you: being the only one of your friends to get married in a certain building, or knowing for sure that everything you requested will arrive on time for your wedding day? If you’re trying to trail blaze and stand out, banquet hall venues aren’t the best choice.

However, the steady flow of weddings means that the vendors who work for banquet halls are true, seasoned professionals.

Getting married in a seaside cave or stone castle may sound ultra-romantic, but it also places the burden on your shoulders to provide your guests with comfort (and caves and castles are drafty!).

Compare that to the ease of showing up to a flawless setting and impeccable customer service on your big day. Even if you run into another wedding party in the parking lot, it doesn’t take away from your perfectly-planned wedding experience.

On-site Professionals

Most banquet halls have professional event planners on staff to help you create the wedding you want. In-house coordinators have one major advantage over coordinators you hire on your own: they know the venue inside and out. They know what hallways are wide enough to line with flowers and what staircases need a “watch your step” sign at the bottom.

They know what areas are most likely to become congested with long lines and how to arrange furniture so it doesn’t happen. As an added bonus, in-house planners are usually included in your wedding package price.

On-site event planners also enjoy another advantage over independent ones: they’re used to working with the same set of vendors over and over again. If you find your own coordinator, she may have a great price and a bright smile, but she doesn’t necessarily know that your venue’s kitchen has a refrigerator that’s two inches too narrow for your wedding cake.

An in-house planner will be able to arrange a rental refrigerator before you even have a chance to worry. Planners who are used to working with the same set of vendors develop helpful working relationships with them. They know exactly who will do the best job for your wedding, and they’ll make sure the right people show up at the right times.

No Reinventing the Wheel

When you choose an unusual venue like a rural winery or wild parrot preserve, you will usually have a hard enough time just getting the venue to agree to holding a wedding there. You’ll have to explain exactly what type of wedding you want and you’ll have to take full responsibility for working around their business hours, cleaning up afterwards, and complying with unusual restrictions (like not startling the parrots).

With banquet hall venues, on the other hand, there’s no effort wasted reinventing the wheel. The venue staff already know how to hold a wedding. You can choose from a few packages to find a celebration style that best suits your needs. Then the banquet hall staff create your wedding for you. Y

ou don’t need to be a professional wedding planner yourself; there’s already one working for you! Instead of sweating over the number of bathrooms and inches of dance floor space you’ll need for your guests, you can safely assume everything will be taken care of. Banquet halls have weddings down to a formula–and that’s good news for you.

Have Fun Personalizing

With the blank slate of a banquet hall, you already know that the major aspects of your wedding are covered. The building will look beautiful, the guests will be served a dinner that’s the right temperature, and the audio-visual equipment will provide the proper lighting and music without any fuss.

If your creative side is itching to add a personal touch, don’t worry–that’s the only thing that’s left to do!

Go ahead and augment the basics of your wedding with sparkling accessories, handmade favors, table cameras, wedding games, or the perfect romantic playlist. When you know you don’t have to worry about the fundamentals of throwing a large event, it’s amazing how much energy you have to get all the details exactly the way you want them.