Wedding Guestbook Alternatives

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Of course you want to remember every single person who came to your wedding. But how many couples read through their wedding guestbooks on a regular basis? In most cases, the guestbook gets relegated to a bookshelf after a year and is only opened during rare nostalgic moments. If you want to give your guests a chance to create something a little more unusual, consider one of the following guestbook alternatives.

A Picture Book

Choose a picture book that matches the theme of your wedding. Coffee table books work well, as do custom photography books featuring your engagement session. Look for books that have large pages and plenty of white space, so guests will have no trouble writing in the margins. Each guest can flip through the book and pair their message to you with their favorite image. The picture book format allows guests to have a little fun with the guestbook, since even guests who can’t draw will be able to benefit from the accompanying illustrations.

A Puzzle

Each guest brings a portion of the joy and love you feel on your wedding day, so celebrate the idea of many people coming together to form something beautiful. Present a blank puzzle on your welcoming table or hang it on the wall in a framed mat. Encourage each guest to write their thoughts on a piece of the puzzle. 

It’s easiest if you assemble the blank puzzle ahead of time, so guests can compose their message from the heart regardless of spatial coordination ability. If you like the look of the puzzle assembling over the course of the reception, however, choose a puzzle with interchangeable, identical pieces. That way, guests can select any piece from the basket and fit it into any space.


Want to give your guests the chance to leave a lasting mark on your wedding memories? Even those who aren’t good with putting feelings into words will have fun with a thumbprint guestbook. Start with a large sheet of heavy paper printed with your wedding details. Give the design a jumping-off point by drawing the trunk of a tree, the base of a bouquet, a bunch of balloon strings, a peacock sans tail, or any design made up of many small parts. That way, when each guest leaves a thumbprint, it becomes part of the ever-evolving picture. 

Leave a few pads of different colors of ink on the table and each guest can choose her favorite color. A contrasting-colored pen will allow the guest to write her name and initials in her thumbprint after the ink dries. (Try to set up the station near a sink so guests can wash their thumbs before a rogue thumbprint finds itself on the bride’s dress.)

A Quilt

Don’t stop with artistic guestbook alternatives. How about something practical to keep you warm on winter nights? Let your guestbook serve a cozy double-purpose by asking each guest to sign one square of a quilt. If you’re not a sewing genius, you can purchase a quilt ready-made (just make sure the squares are a light color and the fabric accepts ink easily without smudging). If you would rather give your guests squares of material and assemble them after the wedding, the guestbook can become the perfect DIY project to gently transition back into the routine of non-wedding-planning life.

Test your pens on the quilt material before the big day. If you can’t find a small piece of the same material, just fill in the first square with your wedding details. While most fabric pens and markers work well on most matte material, it’s better to discover any surprise incompatibilities ahead of your wedding day.

Get Creative

Once you start thinking of guestbook alternatives, the possibilities keep coming. Consider what items you use the most in everyday life. Maybe it’s your couch pillows–have guests sign the pillow covers! As long as there’s space for everyone to give you their well wishes, you’ll be able to treasure your memories every day for years and years to come.