Valentine's Day Wedding Invites

When you celebrate a wedding on (or near) Valentine’s Day, love is in the air all around you. Celebrate the many kinds of love in your life–from the wonderful person you’re marrying to the friends and family with whom you’re sharing the occasion–by sending your wedding invitations in the form of Valentine’s Day cards. Remind each person how much you treasure them in your life. This is your chance to share the romance and happiness you feel!

Wedding Invite Decorations

Nothing brightens a Valentine’s Day like receiving a red, heart-shaped card with your name on it. Regardless of whether your guests have been happily married for decades or are still looking for love, everyone will appreciate receiving a valentine from you. Go ahead and embrace your Valentine’s Day theme with both arms–bring on the red, white, and pink paper and don’t skimp on the frills!

Decorate the cards in true Valentine’s Day style with three-dimensional details. For a charming DIY touch, add little red bows to the bottom of each invitation and glue one piece of heart candy to the junction of each bow. You can have fun picking out the most appropriate candy message for each guest.

For a more understated card that still carries a Valentine’s Day message, forgo the frills and candy for a color scheme of deep red and cream. A single heart cutout on the front of the card will let your guests know all they need to know about the romantic announcement contained within.

Wedding Invite Inscriptions

Of course, the true value of a Valentine’s Day card lies in its message, so give yours careful thought! Remember, this is a valentine you’re writing, as a couple, to your guests. What do you want to tell them about how much their presence would mean to you on your special day?

One popular approach is to write the inscription in rhyme. Consider something short and playful, like:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

We’re having a wedding;

Will you be there, too?

If your rhyming skills aren’t up to snuff, or you want to convey deeper feelings, craft an inscription around the idea that you value your guests so much you couldn’t dream of getting married without them there. Therefore, you and your partner, as a couple, are giving each guest a valentine and asking them to please “be yours” for a very important date.

Wedding Invite Essentials

Since this is a wedding invitation, after all, don’t forget to include the essentials! Let your guests know the time, date, and location of the ceremony and reception. Include details like whether the requested dress code is formal or casual, and whether the small road to the venue is easy to miss.

Don’t forget to include your contact information and the RSVP date. (You may want to include an extra sheet of paper with the wedding details if you’re running low on card space.)

In order to put your Valentine’s Day stamp on the essential information, look for ways to “sweeten” the wording. For example, you may request that your invitee “be a sweetheart and RSVP soon!” Or write, “The breeze off the water gets chilly, so bring a wrap. We want your shoulders to be as warm as your heart!”

Valentine’s Day is as sweet and heartfelt as you want to make it. Combine it with your wedding day, and you can freely indulge your feelings without worrying that you’ll sound too “sappy.” Go ahead and let everyone know how much you love them. If you wear lipstick, don’t forget to “seal” each envelope with a kiss!