Unity Wedding Ceremonies as Unique as You Are

You’ve probably been to a dozen weddings where the smiling couple lit a candle together or poured colored sand into a vase. Unity ceremonies show a visual representation of the love two people share as they embark on a joint life path.

But what do you do when you want to share your ceremony with your partner–and not the mountain of couples who have used the exact same gesture to declare their love? It’s time to create a unity ceremony that’s as unique as you are.

A Unity Cocktail

You hold a glass of your favorite beverage; your partner holds a glass of his. When you pour them together into the central cup, you create a delicious cocktail that symbolizes you both. (Make sure the two drinks actually do blend deliciously!)

Some tried-and-true ideas include Black and Tan beer, vodka and cranberry, gin and tonic (this one glows under black light), and champagne and peach juice (perfect for morning weddings). Don’t feel limited by tradition, though. Anything you want to drink as your first toast of married life is fair game. It doesn’t have to be alcoholic, either.

Feeling ambitious? You can each place a few pieces of frozen fruit into a blender to create a unity smoothie! Don’t forget to include your guests with a romantic toast.

A Different Sort of Sand Ceremony

In traditional sand ceremonies, the couple brings home a decorative glass filled with multicolor layers of sand. If you’re looking for something a little more nurturing, use your sand ceremony to create the soil for a living plant. Watching the plant grow and thrive will provide romance for many years to come.

Since keeping the plant alive does require some attention, don’t attempt this ceremony if you have a knack for killing houseplants. It also helps to choose a variety of plant that’s hearty and easy to grow (ask your local nursery for guidance specific to your house and climate). Succulents and philodendrons are popular indoor options.

Take care in choosing the type of sand, since most plants don’t do well in the fine-grained mix used for decorative sand ceremonies. Use two types of potting soil (again, check with a nursery specialist for guidance) or pour your decorative sand into a pot that’s already mostly full of potting soil. Lift the plant (or plant the seed) into the pot together. For an especially romantic twist, use a pinch of soil from each of your hometowns.

A Spicy Union

Do you both love to cook? Give your marriage a spicy start by combining the flavors of dried herbs you use on a regular basis. Salt and garlic powder make a tasty combination, as do cinnamon and sugar for a sweeter mix. You may each want to choose three or four spices for a more complex medley.

Unlike a traditional sand ceremony, where the layers of each color are meant to remain separate, a spice mixture turns out best when you shake it together. Clasp your hands around the bottle and have fun.

After you finish the ceremony and cap it with loving care, take it home for your kitchen. If you make the bottle big enough, you can enjoy years of romantic dinners–with an added pinch of happy memories in every bite!

Make Good Chemistry

For an eye-catching ceremony that brings out your nerdy side, show your guests that your love is so strong you can make beautiful colors together. Start by each holding a clear container of liquid (bonus science points if you use glass beakers!). Unbeknownst to your guests, however, one of the containers is water laced with a few drops of phenolphthalein solution (bottles of which can be ordered online for only a few dollars).

The other container is water with a sprinkling of sodium carbonate (also available and inexpensive when ordered online) dissolved in it.

When the two liquids combine, they undergo a chemical reaction that turns the resulting liquid bright pink. (This is because phenolphthalein solution is pH sensitive and sodium carbonate is a base.) If you’re familiar with chemistry and other pH indicating solutions, you can use any variation of this ceremony to turn the water a variety of colors. However, since pink is the color of romance, it makes an especially fitting choice.

As long as the ceremony you choose involves elements of your partner and you, combined to form something beautiful, you’re on the right track. Think of what makes you unique; the activities you enjoy, your hobbies, and your favorite flowers, foods, books, or movies. Combine the things you love to form a central bond and you’ll have a unity ceremony that’s completely unique–just like your love.