Unique Themed Wedding Shower Ideas

Whether the bride has a love for all things pink, owns every Disney movie ever made, or can’t leave the house without grabbing her Coach sunglasses, purse, dog leash, and scarf, planning a themed bridal shower for her can be a fun way to celebrate some of her favorite things or activities.

Traditionally, while the wedding shower was a time to gather friends and family in a pre-wedding, gift-giving celebration, wedding showers—as with many traditions—have evolved. Now, showers are celebrated however the bride or the couple would like. The couple may choose to celebrate together, with the entire wedding party; forgo the gift giving all together; or use the bridal shower as a day of relaxation and pampering at a local spa or salon.

The important thing when choosing a theme is to focus on the bride’s or the couple’s loves and interests and to design a plan around them. You’ll know their temperaments best, so pull back if you think it’s getting too over the top, or add a few more details if the theme is a little sparse. This can be a great time to get creative and a wonderful way to treat the couple to a special celebration all their own. 

Honeymoon/Dream Vacation

The honeymoon-themed wedding shower is a tried-and-true concept that can be a lot of fun to organize. Whether your couple is going halfway around the world, or even just around the block, celebrate their chosen (or dream) destination with decor, favors, and dishes that will transport them there a little early—and without all the unnecessary travel time or possible vaccinations.

For example, if the couple is heading off to a tropical island or beach town, consider decorating with palm tree silhouettes, a healthy dose of luscious and luxuriously fragrant exotic flowers, and a color scheme of rich and gorgeous sunset hues like reds, oranges, and yellows. Consider serving drinks from coconuts—real or fake—and offer dishes based on the cuisine of their chosen island. Greet guests at the door with lush leis and send them home with some comfy flip-flops.

Gifts for honeymoon-themed showers can include travel-based items like luggage or translation books or clothing items to be used on the trip (like new swimwear for a warm destination or a parka for a cold one). If you know where the couple is going to be staying, you can even get them a few perks to use on their trip, like a round of golf near their hotel, a few meals from room service, or a spa service at the best spot nearby.

Stock the Bar/Wine Cellar

Another favorite, the stock the bar/wine cellar shower can be a fun way to get the new couple ready for entertaining. In order to ensure that they won’t end up with ten bottle openers and four wine stoppers, consider assigning guests certain items, alcohols, or wine regions so that the gifts are varied.

The decor for this event can range from recreating a “lounge” like environment in the host’s home to throwing it in the couple’s favorite bar or winery. Consider serving the couple’s favorite drinks—in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions—and come up with fun names for them like “The Mike and Margo Martini” or “The Margo-rita.” Or hold a wine tasting throughout the event for a fun activity the couple is sure to appreciate. Pair with hors d’oeuvres and finger foods that go well with the specific drinks you’re serving, like sangria and tapas, margaritas and tacos, wine and cheeses, etc. And don’t forget to stock up on a lot of non-alcoholic drink options as well for non-drinkers and designated drivers.

Favors can include wine glass charms, bottle stoppers, corkscrews, or even miniature bottles of alcohol with the couple’s favorite drink recipes attached.

Learn Something New

Learning something new can a fun and educational way to celebrate the wedding shower. Find out the top few things your bride or couple has always wanted to learn how to do—and make sure to listen carefully because their answers may surprise you—and plan an event around turning them into a pro. Whether they’ve always had their heart set on mixology, sushi making, knitting, surfing, or even fire dancing, now’s the time to help make their dream come true.

Decor, favors, and food offerings should be designed around the chosen skill. For example, you may want to serve traditional bar foods like peanuts, pretzels, and hot wings at a bartending class or consider getting your knitting circle or your guests of honor a few must-haves like a needle case or a few skeins of a particularly wonderful yarn to continue their training.

Get Moving

For the active bride or couple, consider hosting a wedding shower around their favorite physical activity. Schedule a round of golf at a local course, book a yoga class, reserve a few tennis courts, or grab a football and spend some time stretching, running, or driving your way to a unique celebration guests will never forget.

Food options will vary depending on the chosen activity but should be kept rather light after something like yoga. Active and strenuous activities like soccer or football may require something heartier and can be paired rather nicely with something as informal as a backyard barbecue.

Since most of these activities are not meant for the home or even a traditional rented venue, you won’t need to worry about decor. Gifts and favors, however, will depend on what you’ll be doing. These can include actual gear for the couple. Alternatively, foam footballs and wiffle ball sets can be fun favors that will bring back fun memories each time guests use them.

Wedding showers can be as formal or as laid-back as you can imagine. They can be geared toward prepping the couple for the new road ahead, or they can simply act as a celebration of “the now.” Get creative and have fun with the planning process and everyone’s sure to have an unforgettable time.