TV Show Themed Weddings

Maybe you can’t get enough of that mysterious Don Draper. Maybe you’ve recreated your wardrobe around Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. Maybe you’ve started thinking that motorcycle ownership may be for you from the first moment you saw Jax Teller roar away on one.  Whatever your favorite guilty pleasure, there’s no denying TV’s influence.

If you and your soon-to-be’s love of a certain series runs so deep you can’t help but think it could be a perfect theme for your wedding, you’ve officially fallen into fandom.  Embrace it.  Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to splurge on all the bells and whistles to create a celebration that is distinctly you.  


While the idea of a little jail time may not seem like a very romantic setting, many old prisons have a certain mystery and even a little spookiness to them.  Imagine the amazing and unique wedding photos you can get in an historic prison.  From the peeling paint to the barred cells and caged lights, the visual interest alone may be worth the little chill you get up your spine.

Assign guests to “cellblocks” instead of tables and consider serving the main course in metal, compartmentalized food trays.  For fun wedding favors or a customized guestbook, considering renting a photobooth.  However, in addition to the normal props—bowler hats, fake moustaches, boas, etc.—you can make a custom board for your guests to hold while they get their “mug shots” taken.  Put your city’s name across the top and let guests make up their own prison nicknames to put along the bottom.  Arrange for the photobooth to print two copies of each image; one for the guest to take home, and another to paste in a guest book for a photo-lineup you’ll cherish forever.

Game of Thrones

Take your event back to medieval times with a Game of Thrones inspired wedding.  Combing olden times with sci-fi staples like dragons and seven-foot tall boogeymen, your wedding could find a perfect home in Winterfell, King’s Landing, or any one of the Seven Kingdoms.

If you find your city lacking in its castle options, consider enlisting the help of wedding decoration or party rental companies to help you recreate a great hall for the wedding reception.  Stone and mortar wall treatments, gothic candle chandeliers, huge wooden table and benches, and medieval tapestries—preferably depicting hunting or battle scenes for an added touch—can all help to bring the castle to you.

A Game of Thrones inspired wedding menu can include copious amounts of—you guessed it—mead, wine, and dark ales alongside a roasted pig, some hearty vegetables like turnips or squash, homemade bread, and enough turkey drumsticks to go around.

If you’d like to dress the part, take inspiration from Catelyn Stark or Queen Cersei and wear plenty of rich brocades and silks.  Essentially, if you can imagine it at home at a Renaissance Fair, it could be the perfect dress for you.  For a wedding in cooler weather, consider using thicker fabrics, fake fur, high necklines, and capes.  Men can rely on rolled down leather boots, long tunics, stockings, and embroidered mantles.

Sex and the City

Nothing says high fashion and glamour like the women of Sex and the City.  Whether you’re more Carrie Bradshaw—eclectic and stylish; Miranda Hobbes—business chic; Samantha Jones—sexy and bold; or Charlotte York—prim and posh, you can design a Sex and the City themed event around your style.

If you already live in New York, you’re halfway there.  For those of us in the rest of the country, modern, chic loft spaces, or high-ceilinged venues with a little historic urban charm—think Carrie and Big’s penthouse apartment—can be the perfect fit.

Consider a cocktail reception highlighting bright pink cosmopolitans and delicious, gourmet finger foods.  You get extra points for unique presentations or processes like deconstructed spring rolls or any flavor of foam.

Sons of Anarchy

A SAMCRO, biker themed wedding can be a fun way to express your inner outlaw.  Look for locales reminiscent of the Teller-Morrow garage, with tools and bike parts adorning the walls, or even a bar, complete with pool table, for a rugged feel.

At a Sons of Anarchy themed wedding, jeans and leather reign supreme.  Grooms, if you don’t want to go the tux route, consider a leather vest, a black tee shirt, and good old-fashioned denim.  Brides can take inspiration from Lyla, in her traditional white gown, or opt for something more offbeat.  Harley imprints virtually any item you can imagine with their logo, so look for Harley garters or cufflinks for an added touch.

From barbecue staples like ribs, hot dogs, potato salad, and cole slaw, to pub favorites like hot wings, mozzarella sticks, and fried mushrooms, consider some all-American food for a delicious spread fit to feed an entire charter.

For an alternative to the traditional guestbook, consider having guests sign a motorcycle sprocket or even a leather vest to display in a shadow box with a few other wedding mementos you’ll want to cherish forever.

Not everyone is up for a themed event; so don’t be offended if guests are a little hesitant.  However, on your wedding day, you’ll have a blast if you pull out all the stops and pay homage to your favorite on-air show with a themed wedding guests aren’t soon to forget.