Top Three Photo Ideas for Autumn Engagement Photo Shoots

Autumn is the perfect season for romance. The leaves turn red as hearts and everyone gains an apple-cheeked blush. The extra bite in the air is the perfect excuse for finding a sweetheart to snuggle. What better time is there to pop the question to your special someone? If you’ve recently become engaged this autumn, start thinking about engagement photo shoots to immortalize the excitement!

Playing with Leaves

As anyone who grew up around deciduous trees knows, half of the fun of autumn is getting to play in the leaf piles. There’s no reason grown-ups shouldn’t join in on the fun. Take your photographer to a spot where the colorful leaves are thick upon the trees and on the ground below. For a joyful, exuberant shot, throw an armful of leaves into the air and take a photo before they hit the ground. For a more elegant shot, simply embrace each other against the background of autumnal splendor. 

As an added touch, find some ways to work the most beautiful autumn leaves into your outfits. Pin a few into the bride’s hair or tuck an especially vibrant one into the groom’s buttonhole. Red, yellow and gold leaves look beautiful when pinned into hat bands or braided into wreaths. You can even hold a few as an all-natural bouquet.

Sharing a Scarf

You don’t have to live in an area with colorful leaves in order to take advantage of the cuddly possibilities that autumn has to offer. Grab a thick, cozy scarf and head outside! If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member who knits (or if you possess the talent yourself), use a scarf with personal meaning. Choose the color and pattern that best represents your personalities and use it as a playful prop. 

Try winding the same scarf around both of your necks for a cheek-to-cheek photo of your smiling faces. Or, you can wear the scarf while your sweetheart uses the ends of your scarf to pull you closer. You can wrap the scarf around your waist in a spiral pattern and have your partner hold the loose end as you spin away for an action shot. Make sure to have fun and give in to giggling. The charm of this photo shoot lies in your spontaneity as you figure out new ways to pose.

Pumpkin Patch

Autumn means the advent of plump, colorful pumpkins in grocery stores and roadside displays. If you happen to live near a pumpkin farm, ask whether you and your sweetie can bring a photographer for a few shots posing near the wares. (Be sure to buy a few pumpkins while you’re at it.) Find an especially large pumpkin and sit, back-to-back, using it as a fanciful stool. Or one of you can straddle the pumpkin while the other leans in behind, bobsled-style.

If you enjoy pumpkin carving, carve a heart into the side of one and light it from within using a small candle. This glowing prop offers a romantic lighting opportunity for a nighttime engagement photo shoot.

If the only pumpkins near you are of the miniature variety, you can still capture autumnal magic. Draw cartoons of your faces in Sharpie on the two tiny pumpkins and make them “kiss” in the foreground of the shot as your real faces smile behind. 

Enjoy Your Engagement

This is a beautiful time of excitement and anticipation. No matter what type of photo shoot you choose, you will get the most from your photos when you are truly having fun. Set aside enough time to relax and enjoy the entire process of your photo shoot, from scouting for the perfect location to taking the final shot. These photos will capture the love and happiness you feel now, as you’re pledging your lives to one another, so let your imagination go wild.