The Best Wedding Venues for Spring

The weather is warming and the birds are singing. Spring is a time when most couples look forward to tying the knot amid roses and butterflies. However, the popularity of spring can pose a problem for wedding planning. Venues get booked up months and even years in advance. If you’re set on a spring wedding date, consider the best location options for your celebration.

Private Gardens

Garden weddings are a joy to attend. On a warm spring day, the chirping birds and colorful flowers lend an extra layer of beauty to your ceremony that even the most talented decorator can’t achieve. Unfortunately, unless you know of a hidden gem in your city, most gardens are extremely popular wedding locations during the prime springtime months. If you have your heart set on a picturesque garden with a well-known reputation for romance, get ready to postpone your wedding date for as long as it takes to book an in-demand spot.

It is sometimes possible to strike a deal with the garden owners and circumvent the wedding waiting list. Ask whether there are any calendar openings in the mornings or on weekdays. If you are willing to have your wedding during non-peak hours, you may be able to slip into a spot without the long wait.

Public Parks

Open natural space can be hard to access if you live in an urban area, and even rural parts of the country can come up dry if you’re trying to find a picturesque spot that isn’t privately owned. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with public parks or nature preserves, springtime is a wonderful time to take advantage of them.

Public parks are affordable wedding location options, although they are usually not completely free. Check with the park management to see whether there is a fee for reserving your favorite meadow or glen. You can take your chances by not reserving the space, but then you risk arriving in your wedding finery only to see that a family barbecue beat you there.

Check park restrictions ahead of time. Even though the space is open to the public, there are sometimes limits to how many people can congregate at once, what types of beverage containers they can use, what music can be played, and what hours they can be present. It’s always safer to get your plans approved by the park management ahead of time than to be accosted by rangers on your wedding day

Any time you intend to use an outdoor venue, thoroughly research the lurking dangers of springtime weddings to avoid rain, mud, insects, and other complications.


Head to the nearest wine country for a wedding venue that’s meant for lovely weather. Even small wineries are quickly becoming wedding-friendly as the winery wedding trend escalates in popularity. Wineries used to be the go-to location when the standard venues were booked, but the growing demand for these charming locations now means that most have calendars that are every bit as packed as the more traditional spring wedding venues. 

If all of the obvious winery choices are full for your wedding date, however, don’t give up. Go on a wine tasting trip (research was never so much fun!) and strike up a conversation with every winery you like. Even the ones that don’t advertise themselves as wedding venues can sometimes have very flexible owners when you approach them in person. Explain that you don’t expect the winery to provide anything except for the gorgeous space, and you and your intended will do the rest. You may be able to strike a bargain that’s as sweet as a sun-ripened grape. 

Indoor/Outdoor Venues

Spring weather is known for being lovely, but depending on the location, springtime weather can be finicky. If you’re planning your wedding for a date that’s usually rain-free and beautiful, but you have some doubts, don’t leave things to chance. Book a venue that has gorgeous indoor options as well as an outdoor wedding spot you love. Indoor/outdoor venues are the perfect compromise for brides and grooms looking to enjoy the springtime weather–and rely on the comforts of modern architecture, too.

Consider the worst case scenario when choosing your indoor/outdoor wedding venue. What happens if it rains all week and the grass is a slushy mess? What happens if lightning strikes and the venue loses all of its electrical power? Look for venues that will be charming in any situation, so you don’t have to worry. Features like wide overhangs on windows allow for a fresh, gentle breeze even if it’s raining outside. Full-length windows allow natural light to flood the room even if the day isn’t perfectly sunny. Think about the aspects of a spring wedding that are the most important to you, and look for venues that will accentuate those things–even if you’re inside. 

Consider All Options

Planning a successful spring wedding takes a bit of planning ingenuity. Unless you’re willing to put your names on a long waiting list and bide your time until you’re called, you need to employ a bit of imagination when booking the perfect springtime venue. Consider alternative wedding locations like zoos and animal sanctuaries. Even an amusement park can make a romantic wedding site on a clear springtime day. If you keep your options open, you increase your chances of finding the perfect place to celebrate your springtime love.