Thanksgiving inspired wedding table decorations

Since Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest season, couples who want bold wedding colors are in luck. Take your pick from deep reds, rich browns, brilliant oranges, and resplendent gold hues. Warm harvest tones are beautifully set off by accents of deep blue.

Keep your wedding colors in mind when choosing your centerpiece materials. It’s all too easy to find seasonal Thanksgiving decorations in stores when autumn rolls around, but remember that you’re not just decorating for any holiday–you’re planning a wedding!

You can best create a personalized wedding atmosphere by sticking to two or three wedding colors in your centerpieces and decorations. That way, your Thanksgiving theme looks precise and intentional rather than a hodgepodge of Turkey Day paraphernalia.

Traditional Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is known for sumptuous feasts, so incorporate reminders of lavish meals into your wedding centerpieces. Use whole fruits, such as apples, pears, and oranges, to brighten your table. Stack them in a clear glass vase or arrange them attractively on a raised platter. Tie a bit of ribbon around the base of the vase or platter and light a tall candle in the middle to instantly bring your table to life.

Wide, shallow bowls make the perfect centerpieces for tables where guests will be holding conversations across dinner. (Make sure your centerpieces never interfere with eye contact!) Fill the bowls with water and float cranberries and tea candles on the surface. Since fresh cranberries float naturally and are an integral part of Thanksgiving feasts, they are the perfect choice for your centerpieces. The candlelight reflecting on the water makes a beautiful vision throughout dinner.

Looking for something to match your wedding’s earth tone palette? Clear glass vases filled with whole pecans bring elegance and texture to a table of rich brown and cream colors. Tie a bit of twine or burlap around the vase to complete the rustic look. If you want to extend the theme, serve your guests pecan pie tarts with dessert–or as wedding favors!

Mini pumpkins and squash make fun centerpieces because they come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes. If you choose several decorative squash with long, slender necks, you can bind them together with ribbon into a free-standing centerpiece. If you choose short, sturdy squash, you can stack them in pyramids. Bumpy or lumpy; with squash, more texture is better!

Seasonal Decorations

Take standard Thanksgiving decorations and give them a romantic twist for your wedding centerpieces. If you’re using vivid red, yellow, or golden flowers, add a few ears of multicolored corn to your floral arrangements. (Sunflowers and colorful corn pair particularly well.) Using multiple colors and textures makes bouquet centerpieces seem fuller.

One iconic Thanksgiving symbol is a cornucopia spilling out the fruits of a bountiful harvest. Make your horn of plenty a little more romantic by using white wicker instead of the usual earth tones (you can paint any cornucopia your desired color for a DIY touch) and threading delicate ribbons around the horn to tie it into your wedding colors. Along with the usual apples and miniature pumpkins, fill your cornucopia with wedding items like guests’ favors.

Candles lend intimate warmth to a Thanksgiving table, and your wedding feast is no exception. Line your reception tables with candles in your wedding colors. If your venue doesn’t allow open flame (check before buying the candles!), you can use battery-operated candles that still have a flickering effect. Hide these inside candle holders with high walls so the flame looks as realistic as possible.

Have fun decorating, but don’t forget the most important–and intangible–centerpiece of a Thanksgiving wedding; giving thanks for the qualities you most admire in your new spouse!