Ten Things to Look For When Choosing Your Wedding Vendor

Developing and maintaining a good working relationship with your vendor is a sure way to have a successful wedding. Whether you are hiring a wedding planner or doing it yourself and working with individual vendors, you want to be confident in every aspect of the planning process. Fulfilling your tasks is just the beginning. The devil is in the details.

Often, vendors are excellent in selling you their services but, once hired, do not represent a good business model. This trap often leads to unfortunate occurrences for couples planning their wedding.

Many are left with disastrous experiences and memories on what is supposed to be one of the most monumental days of their lives. Despite glowing references, what may work for a vendor’s previous couples may not work for you. So how do you ensure that the vendors you hire represent you appropriately? Below are 10 ways to win big on your special day.

Effective Communication

Most couples feel that they have to commit to the vendor once they have spoken to them. This is not the case. Make sure you are clear on the vendor’s level of commitment. Be specific. The vendor should be fully aware of your expectations. Do not be afraid to walk away if their schedule or services does not compliment yours.


Your vendor should be able to take your ideas and bring them to life in a way that brings a level of resourcefulness that makes you say, “Wow, I did not think of that!” Your vendor’s creativity should bring excitement and challenge you to trust what they have suggested.

The Trust Factor

If a task is given, make sure your vendor can execute it the way you agreed. When you follow up, there should be no extra “bells and whistles” added. Your vendor should know how to function within the boundaries set for them.

Professional Accountability

Your vendor should be able to handle themselves in any situation. They should be able to create a stable work environment. Ethics play a huge role in a vendor’s character. Their reputation should be the heartbeat of their brand.


Your vendor should create a strong pact with you that they will communicate your guidelines if they have to consult with another vendor outside of themselves. This means that they will set a mandate on how that vendor handles your requests, keeping all deadlines.


Your ideas and privacy should be highly regarded. Unless approved by you, the vendor should not put anything concerning your big day on social networks for their own benefit.

Financial Responsibility

Your vendor should understand that your budget is set and only altered by you. Although they may bring products and other services to the table, it should not overwhelm your budget.


Your vendor should take the initiative and keep you informed of their progress. Absence creates stress, and presents unprofessionalism.

Attitude of Gratitude

Your vendor shows a great attitude about what they can offer to you and lets it shine through their actions. When you see your vendor is confident and excited to work with you, it allows you to put your guard down.


Your vendor should be able to adjust to your ever-changing mindset and be accommodating to your needs. Vendors should never manipulate you to stick to your original plan so they won’t have to do any extra work. The vendor’s job is to go above and beyond the call of duty.