Spring Mother of the Bride Dresses

Spring is the perfect season of the year for mothers of brides everywhere to embrace the growing trend in fashion to turn away from the mother-of-the-bride (MOTB) matronly ensembles of old, in favor of styles that are fashionable, youthful and, yes, even sexy.

Long gone are the days when women meekly took the advice to “act their age” and dress for their daughters’ weddings in dowdy and dated outfits. Overall, the brides themselves are encouraging their mothers to be more daring. Brides want their mothers’ dresses to complement the bridal party with style and grace.

Today’s women are taking better care of themselves, living longer, and looking great longer, too. The modern MOTB sensibility is to be authentic, to dress in fashions that express one’s personality, as well as one’s personal sense of style.

Spring, that season of renewal, is the best time to display a new-found confidence and assurance of self. This spring season’s MOTB dresses feature new colors and shapes that flatter a woman’s individual figure and complexion, as well as her sense of style.

Set the Scene

Every member of the bridal party needs to dress appropriately for the wedding’s setting. A formal, indoor wedding requires a completely different look than a casual, outdoor affair. Taking cues from the wedding’s venue can often inspire a look for dress for the mother of the bride. For a garden wedding, a floral print on a layered silk-chiffon dress offers the right note of romance. For a mother of the bride with a full figure, a statement necklace draws the eye up to the face.

For a formal wedding, a brocade sheath with a matching jacket or shawl present a chic yet elegant look, especially when presented in subtle shades of silver or gold. For a more flowing look, Grecian-inspired gowns offer classic style. Evening wedding MOTB dresses can go bolder with color and prints.

Choose Your Color

The designer 2021 spring collections gracing runways this year were dominated by two distinct color palettes. A palette of over-bright colors is the predominant trend, with oranges, blues, yellow, blues, reds and purples that seem to shimmer with light, not with the eye-popping luminescence of neon, but rather the more subtle glimmer of a finely cut jewel.

When wearing a MOTB dress in one of these striking colors, the details and accessories should be restrained, allowing the gleam of the dress to take center stage. The bright colors can be worn with more subtly with the addition of a chiffon overlay.

The second trend in color is towards neutral tones, presented with contrasting white or black, reminiscent of the Art Deco style in architecture. The trending shape of gowns echoes this era as well, with the silhouette of flapper dresses, delivered with style and structure. Worn with a crisp, three-quarter length jacket, the look can go straight from the wedding to the reception.

Flattering Shapes

Spring MOTB dresses are following a general designer trend to forego a “one size fits all” approach to fashion. Designers are responding to a demand to celebrate the female form in all its variations. The most prominent trend is to use asymmetrical styling.

Whether the dress is cut on the bias, with one shoulder bare, or with a diagonal texture or pattern, an asymmetrical approach creates a sense of movement, causing the eye to focus on a woman’s curves, not her weight. A shoulder detail accents the look and draws attention to the face as well.

For petite women, dresses that shimmer and shine add style and substance. Petite woman can carry off striking accessories, too. Fashion that provides strong visual interest are perfect for smaller women. For those with a more athletic figure, a MOTB dress that shows off toned arms and legs is ideal. The look can be kept feminine with accents like gathers, lace and bows.

The best MOTB dresses will flatter the figure and look fresh and fashionable, but will most of all make those who wear them feel pretty, comfortable and authentic. A mother of the bride who feels confident in her choice will add taste and style to the entire wedding.