Spring and Easter Weddings

As the weather warms and spring touches the air, the upcoming holiday of Easter grows ever-nearer. If you’re contemplating planning an Easter wedding, consider the logistics as well as the fun details. Holiday weddings can be complicated to plan, but they can also provide an additional element of festivity and meaning to your wedding day.

Should You Plan Around the Actual Holiday?

Having a wedding on a major holiday can be tricky. Not only do you run the risk of friends and relatives having conflicting plans, but you’re competing with every other holiday party in your social circle. With a religious holiday, the potential conflicts increase exponentially. If you’re planning on a Catholic wedding, you’ll have trouble finding an officiant who is willing to perform your ceremony on the day of Easter itself. Most religious officiants will have full calendars during the holiday season and will not be available for weddings. 

Easter can also present a problem for wedding planning because of increased travel around the holiday date. As families drive and fly to spend Easter together, roads become congested and airplane ticket prices skyrocket. Your guests will have more difficulty attending your wedding than they would on a non-holiday. 

If the majority of the people you intend to invite will not be observing the holiday, your wedding will not be as impacted by an Easter date as it would otherwise be. However, you will still face the higher vendor prices and more crowded calendars than would be available on a less remarkable date. If you’re concerned about avoiding potential conflicts, but you still want to embrace the symbolism of Easter in your wedding ceremony, consider planning a springtime wedding around the date rather than directly on it. 

Inspirational Easter Touches

To put a little bit of Easter into your wedding theme without stepping on the toes of the holiday itself, take a moment to think about what Easter means to you personally. What aspects of the holiday are the most important to you? Is it the theme of rebirth and renewal? Is it the symbolism of a fresh, new spring? Do you love the pastel colors and chocolate bunnies? Is the holiday about spending time with family and friends? Do you have happy memories of decorating and hunting for colored eggs as a child? Whatever you love about Easter, you can incorporate the same ideas into your wedding ceremony and celebration

Cupcakes provide the perfect opportunity for small, delicious, Easter touches. Consider small candy birds or candy robin’s eggs nestled on tasty nests of icing. Cake pops are another way to treat your guests to delicious holiday flavor. Ask your bakery about creating springtime themes like stylized pansies and violets, bunnies with chocolate ears, or painted fondant “eggs.” 

Are you looking for a larger wedding dessert? Your entire wedding cake can take on an Easter theme. Ask your baker to create a large, flowerpot-shaped cake coated with terracotta-colored fondant. Choose a dark chocolate filling to show delicious “dirt” once the cake is sliced. Decorate the upper layers of the wedding cake with icing flowers and leaves bursting from their “pot.” To give the cake more height, stack additional lower layers of woven fondant as a “basket” with green grass icing. 

Easter egg hunts aren’t just for little kids. Entertain guests of all ages by hiding eggs with numbered slips of paper. After all of the eggs have been found, guests can gather their numbers for a raffle drawing of fun prizes. Think of prizes everyone will enjoy, like dinner for two at a nice restaurant or a hand-made gift from you and your new spouse. Giving everyone a chance to win fun gifts can be a lively alternative to traditional wedding favors. If you want to make sure there’s something for everyone, leave a basket of eggs with small prizes (like candy or jewelry) by the door. That way, even those guests who aren’t ready to get on their hands and knees for an egg hunt can still leave with a trophy. 

The thoughts of rebirth and renewal that accompany Easter can add a meaningful note to your wedding. Embark upon your married life as the world is turning to embrace warm spring days. Like eggs turning into fuzzy chicks and bulbs blooming into colorful flowers, your wedding day will continue to blossom and grow into a lifetime of loving marriage.