Selecting bridal hairstyles which will last through your wedding day

For some of us, when the weather gets sticky and hot, our hair tends to get frizzy and wild—presenting a special challenge when it comes to achieving the perfect coiffure. For others, sultry weather might mean strands with a certain lack of oomph. No matter your hair’s personality, rest assured that neither rain, nor wind, nor snow (nor sticky, humid summer), is a match for a well-prepared bride

By finding the right hairstyle for the wedding and booking an excellent stylist–someone well schooled in wedding or formal hairdos–you can show Mother Nature who’s boss on your big day! 

Stay-Put Hairstyles

Structured updos are the best hair options for brides who want to ensure their hair looks the same way it does the minute they walk out of the salon. Buns, chignons, and braids are the least likely to fall, especially when sculpted by the hands of an expert stylist.

For those in need of a little curl, the pin curl setting method is an easy and effective way to ensure waves that will last all day. This style is best for medium to long hair and requires your hair to be divided into small portions. Each section is then curled up toward the top of your head around two fingers, pinned into place, and slept on overnight. Wrap your head loosely with a scarf to keep them in their place, and If done properly, all you’ll need to do the next morning is remove the pins to enjoy tons of bouncy curls.

Picking a Bridal Hairstyle 

Selecting a style that will hold up well in any kind of weather is one important factor, but you will also want it to complement your overall look. Before meeting with your hairstylist, a few thoughts that can help you pick a durable and flattering style may involve thinking about the details of your event, such as:

–        What kind of wedding are you having? A formal, evening occasion may suit a polished updo, like a sleek chignon. A casual, daytime wedding may call for a more relaxed look, such as a partial updo.

–        What style of wedding dress are you wearing? You may want your hairstyle to be reflective of your dress style. An heirloom vintage dress may be enhanced by a romantic upswept do, while a sleek modern hairstyle may go smashingly with a contemporary designer dress.

–        What do you like and what looks best on you? You definitely want to feel good about your hairstyle, so choose one that depicts the person that you are.


You also need to think about the kind of accessories you want to wear in your hair. There are several options:

–        Tiaras

–        Veils

–        Flowers

–        Ribbons

–        Jewels

Try and choose accessories that help hold your hair in place like barrettes, combs, clips, headbands and bobby pins. Keep in mind that any items you use to accessorize your hair may affect the choice of styles you are capable of wearing. 

Also, you want to ensure your hair and accessories aren’t competing for attention. For example, if you’ve selected an elaborate veil, you might want to choose a hairstyle that is simple so that your beautiful headpiece is highlighted.

What Will Work Best For You

To find out what style will be the best one for you, decide on a few of your favorites and then try them out. If possible, have your hair styled in each selection and wear each one for a full day. When you’ve decided on one, try it out in several types of weather. This will give you a real idea of what you’ll need to do to keep your hair in place on your special day.

Some general tips stylists recommend for beautiful wedding hair:

–        Select your hairstyle before the accessories.

–        Have a practice run of your selected hairstyle with all of your desired accessories.

–        Limit your accessories; too many can be distracting.

–        Be sure to schedule your hair salon sessions as early as possible to allow for any changes and to ensure your stylist is available.

–        The day of the wedding, wear a shirt that can be removed easily so you don’t mess up your hairdo. A button-down shirt is preferable.

–        Entrust someone to keep hair emergency items on hand such as extra hairspray, pomade, or de-frizzing product as well as extra bobby pins or hair ties in case your hair misbehaves.

With a bit of preplanning, your wedding day hair can look and stay as near to perfect as when you first step out of a salon, no matter what you are dealt in the weather department.