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For the mother of the bride, her daughter’s wedding is one of the days she’s been waiting for her child’s whole life. There are many events which are anticipated but a wedding is by far the happiest. The bride’s mom should look stunning on this special day. There are a few things which should be considered when making a decision on which dress to wear.

  • What color is best?
  • What length of dress?
  • How flashy should the dress be?
  • Are there different dresses for summer and winter weddings?

These are just a few items you might want to consider thinking about when making your dress selection. One of the main things to note when picking out a mother of the bride dress is that you don’t want to outshine the bride. With that being said you are ready to find your perfect dress.

Most people don’t search for “mother of the bride dresses” but it is wise to do just that. This will give you an idea of the style of dresses mothers are wearing and what is considered appropriate attire and what is not. One thing I have found out is that certain colors are clearly unflattering and looked down upon if a mother wears. Red, white and sometimes black are not colors that should be worn. Red is simply too flashy and draws too much attention to the mother.

Personally red also reminds me of seduction and sexiness which is great, but just not for your daughter’s wedding. Therefore- red is a no-no. White is a color that can go either way. Some mothers choose to wear a white or off white dress and that’s accepted but again white is generally for the bride and you don’t want to take any attention away from her. So you can where a white dress but you will probably take eyes off your daughters wonderful WHITE wedding dress. Black is a color that I have personally chosen to discuss. I don’t think black is necessarily appropriate for a wedding.

Wearing black usually represents death, sadness or just simply business. It can be slimming and sexy but for a mother of the bride dress to be black is a pretty bold statement. It will also look unpleasant with you standing next to your daughter. You will be dressed in black and she will be dressed in white. The concept I’m trying to present is pretty simple. Black is probably not a good choice of color for the bride’s mother’s dress.

Now it seems like you’re left with light flowy colors such as pink, beige, brown, orange, fusia, green, blue and so forth. These are all acceptable shades of colors for mothers of the bride. They are pleasant on the eyes, simple and can blend with a number of colors. Therefore you can purchase a baby blue dress and it can have touches of pink, green, even a bit of white or black (as long as it they don’t dominate the dress) and some studs or crystals implemented and have a wonderful gown.

Have no fear ladies there are still a number of dresses that you can get for this special occasion. You can also get a plus size mother of the bride dress if you are a larger curvier woman. There are plenty of options, sometimes you have to think outside of the box for the best result and this is one of those situations.

The next important question to answer about a mother of the bride dress is when is the wedding? Is this a fall, winter, spring or summer wedding? This is important to note because you can select your outfit easier depending on the season and the colors in for that time of year. It also allows you to choose a short cocktail length dress over a long flowing gown.

You also want to make sure your dress matches up appropriately with how elegant the event is. Some women choose to have a summer wedding and make it causal while others have an extravaganza that is very fancy and black tie. How does your event match up? You can purchase a designer mother of the bride dress for those extra special black tie weddings or you cannot focus on labels at all.

If it is a summer wedding you can go with light colors and a shorter dress. It does not need to be touching the ground but you can go either way. Generally for black tie events it is best to purchase a very long elegant dress. Shorter dress would probably be frowned upon in situations like that. For black tie events that are amped up you should definitely get a longer gown regardless of the season. Short mother of the bride dresses are generally not something that you want to get. You don’t want to wear an extremely short dress to the wedding of your daughter.

Overall ladies, there is a number of different characteristics and things you can consider when picking out your dress. At first you might feel overwhelmed because of the color selection and length of dress but with this quick guide you should be on your way to your daughter’s wedding with confidence. So take it one step at a time and consider all the aspects of the wedding in your decision making process. Make sure the dress is not too short, not skin tight and isn’t dominated by any of the negative colors mentioned and you will be fine.