Planning your wedding breakfast

Your Wedding Breakfast

Of all the careful planning that goes into the wedding day, it’s surprising how often brides and grooms forget to plan one essential detail: how they’re going to get enough energy to sustain themselves throughout the ceremony. The food you eat (and making sure you get enough of it) is a major factor in maintaining a good mood. Since weddings can be stressful at times (and not everything will go as planned), it’s essential to bolster your energy so you’re at your peak for one of the most important days of your life.

Fit Into the Dress

Of course, it’s important not to eat so much you can’t zip up your wedding dress. But it’s just as important to eat enough so you don’t accidentally pass out or get cranky. The best way to find the perfect amount is to make every calorie count; fill a small plate with protein- and vitamin-rich foods so you get the most benefit out of every bite. Eggs, avocados, whole wheat toast, and fruit salads are all delicious choices.

If you’re lacing yourself into a corset or very tight bodice, avoid carbonated drinks, which can expand in your stomach and cause internal distress. Skip overly salty foods, since they can cause swelling and bloating. Avoid very acidic or spicy foods, as well as new foods that could possibly contain surprise allergens. Stick with tried-and-true, bland foods like oatmeal and toast–especially if you have a tendency to get very nervous and excited over big events.

Avoid a Sugar Crash

Even though sugary donuts and coffee cake may seem like comforting items to calm pre-wedding jitters, they’re not the best choices to sustain you through a long and demanding day. Pack too much sugar into your wedding breakfast and you’ll end up with a sugar crash in a few hours. Look for foods that release energy gradually and keep you feeling satisfied for hours, such as bananas, creamed rice and wheat, and granola.

Get Kissable Breath

The foods you eat the morning of your wedding should be all but forgotten when you’re walking down the aisle. Don’t bring back unwelcome memories of breakfast with your first wedded kiss. Avoid strong flavors like garlic, onions, and cured meats or fish with breakfast. (Unless, of course, you and your sweetheart make a pact to both eat the same meal.) Brushing your teeth after breakfast will ensure fresh breath for the rest of the morning, but it doesn’t hurt to pop in a breath mint if you’re still concerned.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Even if you’re the type of person who usually runs out the door with just a cup of coffee in the morning, take special care to eat breakfast before your wedding. It’s a special day, after all, and you need to be fully awake and alert to enjoy every second of it.

Anticipation of the big event can make eating seem like a chore, but that’s all the more reason to plan a menu that will calm your nerves. If you don’t feel like sitting down to a big meal, blend fresh fruits and vegetables into a smoothie instead. (This is a great task for your maid of honor or a nurturing relative.) You can sip the smoothie gradually as you get dressed. Don’t forget a straw so you don’t smudge your lipstick.

Leave Room for the Reception

It’s easy to forget to eat before your wedding, but it’s just as easy to overeat when you’re nervous about the upcoming celebration. If you turn to food in times of stress, give special care to parceling out meals and snacks over the course of the morning.

Remember, you’ve got a whole reception to enjoy later. Many brides and grooms spend hours choosing the perfect caterer only to realize later that they never tried a single morsel. As you’re planning your meals for the day, be sure to leave some room in your stomach for the reception–that way you’ll be able to sample your delicious offerings and you’ll still be able to dance the night away, too.