Performing at your own wedding

If you love being in the limelight, your wedding day could be a great time to entertain those closest to you. When else will you have all of the people you love gathered in one place to celebrate your big day?

Performance Ideas

The best wedding performances don’t feel like a variety show. They evolve gracefully from the couple’s special skills and talents. After all, your performance is a lot more than a cabaret act; it’s a chance to imbue your wedding with a touch of true personalization.

Whatever you choose, try to make it something that no one else would do–something that makes your special day uniquely “you.”

If you love dancing, a choreographed dance number is an obvious choice. You can practice in secret with your new spouse to wow your guests with a flawless, rehearsed performance as soon as the lights dim and the music starts. (Make sure your DJ and lighting professionals are in on the plan.)

You may also want to whip out the fancy footwork for a surprise dance down the aisle.

Some couples rehearse with their entire wedding party for a “flash mob” style dance that takes the rest of the guests by surprise. If you’ve always wished you lived in an old-fashioned musical where everyone breaks into song simultaneously, this is your chance to live that dream.

Do you play an instrument or enjoy singing? Arrange a duet with your new spouse. If only one of you is especially musical, the other can sit in a place of honor while the song is played or sung to her.

Musical ideas aren’t the only performance options. If you and your sweetheart want to recite the love scene from Romeo and Juliet, or if you just want to take turns reading the lines of your favorite romantic poem, go right ahead. The performance should be something that reflects you.

A Few Small Cautions

Are there more butterflies in your stomach at the thought of your performance than there are about your upcoming nuptials? If you feel like performance anxiety is in any way detracting from your enjoyment and excitement about getting married, it’s time to pull the plug on the act.

Remember, you don’t have to do anything you’re not fully comfortable doing. Getting married to the person you love is more than good enough.

Maybe you’re not anxious about performing, but being too eager to perform can pose the opposite problem. Performances should be short and sweet. As much as your guests want to share the day with you, no one wants to be held hostage by a performance that goes on and on.

Give your audience a taste of what makes you and your partner unique–and leave the hour-long aria for another occasion. One or two songs is the longest your performance should last. Keep an eye on your guests during the performance, too. If you sense their attention wandering, wrap it up quickly.

Make it Meaningful

The whole point of performing at your own wedding is to share something extra-personal with your gathered guests, so make sure you make it meaningful. Pick something that you and your spouse are truly passionate about, whether it’s musical, artistic, or another sort of talent.

Some talents aren’t even “performances” in the staged sense of the word; if your talent lies in baking, for example, you can send your guests home with homemade cookie favors. No choreography needed!

Since there’s no one “right way” to perform, you can choose the level of performance that feels the most comfortable to you. Make sure it’s a talent you could do in your sleep, and make sure it’s something you’re truly passionate about. Then, there’s no reason to get nervous–your guests will be able to share a wedding that’s as unique and personal as can be.