Ornaments and Accessories for Autumn Brides

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For autumn brides, wedding season means a world of opportunities to explore the bolder side of the color palette. You’re not limited to blushing spring tones; deep red lips, glittering gold nails, and smoky, mysterious eyes all look picture-perfect at a fall wedding celebration. Enjoy the exciting possibilities as you plan your wedding day ornaments and accessories.

Fascinators and Tiaras

Don’t forget the ornaments and accessories that highlight your hair! Fascinators (those tiny, decorative hats that perch on the side of your head) and tiaras are bridal fashion mainstays for a reason. They allow each bride to express her own, unique style by customizing the accessories to her most flattering look–as well as her wedding theme. Have fun as you peruse the possibilities for yours.

Feeling crafty enough to tackle a do-it-yourself project? Making a delicate tiara out of natural autumnal materials follows the same easy DIY technique as crafting a floral tiara. Instead of springtime flowers, however, use small, colorful autumn leaves and red holly berries to create a seasonal look. If you don’t want to pin actual leaves to your hair, visit a craft materials store and buy high-quality silk versions that will last forever.

Custom fascinators are popular items to commission from artists on Etsy and beyond, but you can also try your hand at making your own. Start with a plain fascinator base (the basic hats are available at many craft stores and online shops) and carefully glue seasonal features to it. Mini pinecones and autumn leaves are perfect natural touches, and red or gold ribbon sets them off with a touch of elegance. Just don’t go too crazy with the hot glue gun–with hair accessories, less is more, since you don’t want to take away attention from your face.


Autumn colors give nature a touch of splendor this time of year, but you don’t have to feel left out just because you can’t grow golden leaves of your own. After all, that’s what accessories are for! Borrow some inspiration from Mother Nature and choose fall colors for your wedding jewelry gemstones. Tiger’s eye stones are popular jewelry choices for fall brides because their gold-and-earth striations catch light exceedingly well, bringing to mind autumn trees in a breeze. 

Red stones like almandine (a member of the garnet group) make beautiful jewelry that’s often so affordable you can splurge on matching presents for your bridesmaids as well. 

Amber jewelry not only covers the golden part of the jewelry color spectrum, but it has the additional feature of coming from tree resin. That means you can wear it along with your autumn leaf tiara and feel the part of the perfect, enchanted-forest princess. Choose red, yellow, and gold stones to feature on their own, or combine them for an even more striking effect.

Gloves, Scarves, and Wraps

While gloves and scarves sound more like accessories you’d wear to bundle up on a commute, they shouldn’t be discounted as beautiful bridal wear. Light lace gloves are not only delicate and feminine, but they convey a sense of old-fashioned modesty and innocence, too. Even fingerless knitted gloves may be in keeping with your wedding theme if they’re adorned with cute, felted-wool flowers, hearts, or other meaningful symbols.  

Crocheted scarves can not only be as intricate and beautiful as a wedding gown, but they may also be a sentimental way to include a handmade present from a loved one who can’t attend the wedding. Look for crochet patterns with slender yarn, an open weave, and colors that match the rest of your dress or accessories.

Wraps are wonderful accessories for autumn brides who want to stave off a chill as they walk down the aisle. Choose something light and ephemeral that won’t take away attention from your gown–or turn your wrap into the ultimate showpiece by sporting a floor-length red cape lined with white faux fur. As the bride, your fashion options don’t stop with your dress.

Chilly autumn weather is the perfect excuse to accessorize even more aspects of your bridal attire than you can in warmer weather. Your hands, head, and shoulders don’t need to go boring and bare. Have fun picking out the perfect accessories to highlight your bridal beauty–and remember, you don’t have to only wear them with your wedding gown. Keep your accessories handy and you’ll get to feel like a blushing bride every time the fall season comes.