Mother of the Bride jewelry

In addition to the bride and groom, their families, especially parents, will be the center of attention. While trapped in the crosshairs, the mother of the bride should look her very best without overdoing it. One important element of a great outfit is jewelry and accessories.

It can be tough to figure out what pieces will fit subtly within the theme of day, complement the attire and look great in pictures. There are simple tips and tricks for mothers of the bride choosing wedding day jewelry that will ensure an appropriate and classy look.

Wear pieces that are both modern and updated, but be sure to maintain classic elements so the wedding photos won’t look dated in later years. This can be accomplished choosing a classic piece like a pearl necklace with an attractive, gemstone-encrusted brooch as a pendant.

You could also sport simple, no-fuss bangles in a shiny metal like copper or pewter. A beautiful watch could also be a unique, yet simple, addition to your outfit. You can be as playful or as safe as you like, all while maintaining the right balance.

While it can be tempting to save some money after all the wedding expenses that have to be paid for, you should still opt for quality pieces. Cheap or costume jewelry will not photograph well and can potentially discolor your skin. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend hundreds to get good jewelry.

There are lots of affordable options that look great and will last as a sparkling keepsake of the wedding day. Jewelry made from metals such as sterling silver and cubic zirconium can appear expensive without the hefty price tag. Keep away from brass, plastic, or acrylic products—these will look and feel artificial.

The mother of the bride will naturally stand out against the other guests—but she’ll want to be sure it’s for a good reason, and not a bad one. When choosing your trinkets, keep the wedding theme and color scheme in mind. It would be inappropriate to wear an extremely modern necklace at a Victorian-themed wedding. I

f you are hoping to incorporate colorful pieces into your look, do so with moderation. Consider sporting a bold cocktail ring, or for a more subtle touch, don colored tights in a muted tone. For romantic or old glamour-themed weddings, a small tiara or headpiece could be a great option.  

It’s also important to distinguish yourself from the bridal party not only by your choice of dress, but by your accessories as well. Communicate with the bridal party and the mother of the groom to see what everyone will be wearing on the wedding day, and plan accordingly.

Most importantly, consult the bride. See what she has chosen, and be sure not to “out-flash” her own jewelry choices. Also, be sure to get her honest opinions on the matter. Remember to be open-minded, even if the styles she suggests are not what you would prefer. Find pieces that will make both you and the bride happy. 

While some accoutrements don’t sparkle, they can be just as important as those that do. Don’t overlook other accessories like your handbag, shoes or gloves. Use the same guidelines when seeking out these other additions to create a consistent and cohesive appearance.

Comfort should also be a priority when deciding what you will wear. Remember, you not only will have to wear these items for six to eight hours, but you also will have to be photographed, and if you are uncomfortable, it will show. 

Being the mother of the bride can come with many responsibilities and a lot of planning. On top of everything else, choosing your attire, jewelry and accessories for the big day can seem like a daunting task. But by keeping these helpful tips in mind, you can start shopping with an organized plan that will ease the process and help you to have fun.