Mother of the Bride dresses no longer have to be old-fashioned

Having your mother with you on your wedding day can be one of the most special and memorable parts of your life. You will surely to want to make her and your future mother-in-law feel and look as special as the day itself. Long gone, however, are the days of the drab pastel skirt suits and dull frocks. Today’s mother-of- the-bride attire can be modern and different, while still maintaining elements of tradition.

Before choosing any type of dress, there are some rules to keep in mind that will ensure that the dress will complement your mother’s features, personality and body type no matter what style you choose. Get to know her taste, and keep it in mind; even if you are opting for something more modern, a skin-tight dress or leopard and polka dot print may not sit well with her. Choose a cut of fabric that will be universally flattering on any figure, such as an a-line for fuller hips or something with supportive straps for a larger bust. 

In addition to the right fit and personal taste, it is also important to keep budget in mind and keep the outfits and accessories within the price range discussed. No matter how great she looks in it, any woman will be uncomfortable in a dress she can’t afford. 

Now that you have your baseline rules established, you can begin the fun part: shopping! There are a multitude of new and exciting trends in the bridal world that can be carried over into shopping for mother of the bride apparel, like cocktail-length dresses. If your mother is self-conscious about baring her legs, patterned and colored hosiery is another popular trend that can work as an easy, comfortable solution.

Start thinking about what colors and shades to consider. This year’s bright tones like aqua, tangerine, and mustard can be stunning, while lilac, crimson, charcoal and sage provide an earthier, mellow effect. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that these colors do not clash with your theme or with the rest of the bridal party’s outfits. You can also opt for a neutral color such as black, grey or khaki and add pleasant pops of flashy colors for a subtle, dignified look.

Tiered and layered dresses are gaining in popularity. Modern mothers can choose a dress or skirt that has delicate layers or interesting cuts, like scalloped edges. Materials like lace, eyelet fabric, and tulle are also incorporated in this look. Remember that this look can involve lots of extra fabric, so be sure to have the dress fitted to make sure it accentuates all the right curves, instead of making Mom look heavy or wide.

Environmentally friendly, “green” weddings represent a popular trend that is only getting bigger. The mother of the bride can look fashionable and stay environmental by wearing a dress made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and bamboo. These fabrics are especially breathable and comfortable, which is an added plus for a summer wedding or a crowded dance floor. You may have to visit smaller, lesser known boutiques and independent stores to find eco-friendly options, but the Internet is teeming with Earth-friendly attire.

No matter what type of attire you and your mother choose, remember that this experience should be memorable and fun. Just as you would like your mother to respect your choice of dress, remember to offer her the same courtesy, and take her personal style into account. If you keep all of this in mind, every mother and daughter will enjoy this special experience–and look fabulous at the same time.