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Match Your Wedding to Your Eye Color

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Are you at a loss for wedding colors? Finding the perfect combination of hues can be challenging. Remember, these colors will grace everything from your first Save the Dates to your last thank-you cards. They will surface again and again in the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmens’ ties–and even in the foods and drinks you serve! The color palette you design will be reflected in the entire atmosphere of your wedding ceremony and reception. With so much riding on your decision, how do you choose the right wedding colors?

The good news is, you don’t have to have an advanced degree in interior design to choose the right colors for your wedding. You already have one or two hues that fit the bill perfectly. After all, what better choice is there than the color you see when you look into your loved one’s eyes?

Represent the meshing of your two lives by the meshing of your two eye colors. Miraculously enough, every natural eye color goes well when paired with every other natural eye color. It’s almost like loved ones’ gazes were meant to match.

What do you do if you and your partner have the same eye color? Well, you can start by rejoicing; this is just one more thing you have in common. If you want to add a little more spice to your wedding colors, however, complement your shared color with a white, black, French gray, silver, or other neutral tone. You can also revel in your shared eye color by turning it into a single-color rainbow.

Green Eyes

Lucky you; your eyes have more long-lasting appeal than a year-long fad, however. Whether you’re getting married in 2021 or beyond, green is a lovely and refreshing accent.

Consider an outdoor wedding on a sprawling green lawn. Cool your guests under a green canopy. Design signature drinks with a hint of mint.

Blue Eyes

According to the classic “something blue” rhyme, blue accents belong in a wedding. Put blue details to use in more than just a token garter! Blue flowers are a striking addition to bouquets and floral arrangements, so consider blue hydrangeas (which grow naturally blue) as well as dyed-blue lilies, roses, and carnations.

Blue is a color that matches most skin tones, so your bridesmaids will be lucky if you choose this versatile wedding color. Consider adding blue accents to your bridal gown as well–blue shoes, jewelry, sashes, lacing, and fingernail polish are all thought to bring good luck.

Brown Eyes

A rich, satisfying earth tone like brown brings to mind warmth and comfort. Celebrate with your guests in a venue with exposed wooden beams and heavy, dark wood furniture. An old building with deep brown accents lends a dignified atmosphere.

Brown is also the color of chocolate, so indulge your decadent side with a few chocolate fountains of different flavors. True cacao lovers may even want to grab the opportunity to commission a chocolate wedding cake!

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are especially versatile because they can take many different shades under different types of lighting. Celebrate the wide array of amber, brown, gray, and green contained within a hazel gaze by looking for fabrics and materials that also shine with many colors.

Drape your venue, chairs, and tables with fanciful, iridescent fabrics. Decorate centerpieces with peacock feathers. Use iridescent gel-based inks to print invitations and to sign cards. Wear jewelry with “cat’s eye” stones that wink and reflect the light in multiple directions. For an extra nod to the color hazel, include a few small branches of a hazel tree in your wedding bouquet.

Amber Eyes

If you or your partner has amber eyes, it’s a ready-made excuse to splurge on beautiful jewelry. Amber earrings and bracelets make wonderful bridesmaid gifts. Amber also looks lovely in a bridal tiara. Match the golden hue of this remarkable eye color with bold sunflowers as flower arrangements. If you’re having a daytime reception, decorate windows with sheer yellow fabrics that catch and reflect the sunlight.

Amber is also a wonderful excuse to use gold accents in your wedding (besides the rings, of course). Edge your wedding stationery in shining gold borders to ensure that no guest accidentally misplaces their invitation. Celebrate your first married toast with gold-rimmed wedding flutes.

Gray Eyes

Gray is a light, modern color that pairs well with nearly every hue. Look for venues with high, open ceilings and an easy air flow that will make your gray color pattern seem as ethereal as the shadows in clouds.

Set an elegant table with smooth, gray ceramic settings, or use tall gray candles to set off a table setting of mostly white. Gray is an ideal color for fondant icing, if you want to decorate your wedding cake with a specific theme without the background color interfering with your artistic plans.

Artificial Colors

If you like the idea of matching your wedding to your eyes, but you don’t like the color you were born with, you have the additional option of wearing colored contact lenses. Be sure to try these out a few months before your wedding to make sure they’re comfortable and won’t pose a distraction.

The addition of artificial options makes a wider range of wedding colors available. Find contact lenses in any color from violet to aquamarine. You may even decide to shock your guests with neon wedding colors. Use caution when pairing artificial eye colors with natural eye colors, however, as the more vivid shades do not always go as well with their earth-tone cousins.

Windows to the Soul

It’s said that the eyes are the “windows to the soul.” Celebrate joining with your soul mate by choosing wedding colors that match the colors of your eyes. After all, when you’re looking for colors with personal significance, it’s hard to get much more personalized than that!