How to Meet the Love of Your Life at a Wedding

Weddings are celebrations of love. So where better to find romance than at the next wedding you attend? Before you turn down the invitation to your ex-coworker’s friend’s cousin’s nuptials, take a moment to consider that the love of your life could be waiting within. For many eager singles, it’s worth the cost of a wedding present to find out.

Remember Your Priorities

Despite the romance inherent in all weddings, keep in mind that the potential love life perks are merely the icing on the cake. If you’ve accepted an invitation to be a wedding guest, it’s your number one priority to be a good wedding guest. That means passing up romantic opportunities if you are called upon to help the bride, groom, or members of their wedding party. You never know–your selflessness may reflect well upon you in the eyes of an attractive observer.

Socialize Early and Often

Weddings involve more than a short ceremony and a spin around the dance floor. If your goal is to meet new people, it helps to give yourself as many opportunities as possible. Attend every wedding-related event you can. Does the couple need help assembling candy favor bags? Does the best man want to brainstorm ideas for decorating the groom’s car? Is a group of friends gathering to rehearse a flash mob style reception dance? 

Regardless of the reason, from rehearsal dinners to clean-up parties, more participation means more chances to meet and make a great impression on the right person. At the very least, you’ll make more friends, which will make the wedding even more fun.

Stay at the Official Hotel

Is there one hotel where the majority of the wedding party and guests will be staying? If so, it’s worth it to book a room there even if you can find slightly better rates elsewhere in town. Not only will you be assured of making it to the wedding on time with the rest of the group, but you’ll have ample time to socialize with the friends of the bride and groom outside of scheduled wedding activities. 

Go ahead and ask the cute person you met if they’d like to meet at the hotel pool or grab a drink at the bar downstairs. If you haven’t sensed a connection and don’t want to come on too strong, make the invitation open-ended for a whole group of friends. Even if sparks don’t fly, you’ll still have a great evening and meet some new, fun people.

Drink Responsibly

It’s tempting to stand by the bar all night in the hopes that people will approach you. However, hovering by a bar (especially an open one) is dangerous. Nervously nursing glass after glass can get you drunk far more quickly than you realize. If there’s one thing that will ruin your chances of finding the love of your life, it’s making a terrible first impression because you’re trashed.

Be Nice to Everyone

Even if you find yourself cornered by a balding recluse who wants to regale you with stories about his Duck Stamp collections, it’s always best to be polite. Remember, weddings are family affairs. The time you spend smiling and nodding at the well-meaning old man will pay off tenfold when his hunky nephew comes to the rescue.

No Reason to Rush

When you’re attending a wedding, listening to romantic vows and watching slow dances, it can seem like all the other people in the world have already found the loves of their lives. It’s tempting to throw your hands in the air and despair of ever finding anyone as perfect as the couples before you. However, keep in mind that despair is the one emotion that’s the least conducive to beginning a new relationship.

When you meet the love of your life, you’ll make the best impression if you’re not actively seeking an immediate deep connection. Take a deep breath, go for a spin around the dance floor, and the rest will follow.