How to Have a Proper Twin Peaks Wedding

Eerie. Mystical. Bizarre. These aren’t words most brides would choose to describe their dream wedding—but those brides must have never seen the TV show Twin Peaks. For those couples who fell head over heels for the David Lynch murder-mystery drama, however, planning a Twin Peaks wedding sounds like an easy choice that will make for a surely unforgettable night.

One of the last times we saw Laura Palmer, she told Agent Cooper, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” Believe it or not, 2014 marks 25 years from the moment she uttered those words. What better way to honor Laura’s memory (and celebrate 25 years of surviving Bob) than to throw the biggest party of your life in the theme of the campy cult hit?

The Ceremony

As long as you have the iconic black and white floor along with some red touches and dim lighting here and there, you’ve pretty much captured the look of Twin Peaks. But if you really want to plunge the entire event in absurdity (appropriately), make sure your event planner is as eccentric as they come.

Set the mood for your celebration from the start of the ceremony by encompassing Fire Walk With Me. Line the aisle with red, white and orange string lights or flameless, battery-powered candles for the bride’s big stroll. For those getting married outdoors, talk to your venue coordinator about the use of torches or tea lights instead. If you want to get literal with it, consider including a candle in each bridesmaid’s bouquet (although I wouldn’t recommend this if one member of your party is known for being a klutz).

Be sure to dress the part and craft an FBI Special Agent Cooper badge for your officiant to sport during the proceedings. Has the groom dreamt of being a sheriff ever since he was a little boy? Now’s the time for him to wear Harry’s signature hat and badge. As for the bride, look for dresses with an unmistakable sheen; one that resembles the plastic wrap Laura’s body wears so well throughout the series. If that’s a little too gruesome for such a happy day, opt for her prom look instead: a strapless white gown and a tiara topping off an updo.

The Reception

Pick the right venue and you hardly have to bring decor into the mix. Twin Peaks centered around a lodge, so a woodsy venue will be your best bet to fully capture the spookiness of the series. (Extra points if there’s a waterfall nearby.)

If you’re decorating a more generic venue, the key is in the black and white floor that adorned the Red Room. When that’s too hard to come by and you don’t have the energy to layer the floor in black and white duct tape, talk to your venue about hanging some red drapes on the walls. Use lanterns as your lighting source: not only do they fit the theme perfectly, but they’ll provide the dim atmosphere that was key to the show. Place one-eyed jack playing cards around the venue for your guests to discover. Add some owls and logs into the mix and you’ll be transported to 1990s Washington in no time. (And don’t forget to hang a few mirrors to allow your guests to see their inner Bob!) Want to make it a terrifyingly good time? Hire a Bob look-alike to lurk in the shadows and give your guests a shocking scare.

For those still put off by the creepy factor of the Red Room after all these years, fashion your reception after the Miss Twin Peaks pageant instead. Have a little fun later into the night by inviting your guests to “compete” for the title by taking the stage and offering up varying well wishes for the newlyweds. Talk to your MC about including a dance just for Laura, too.

You can get as detailed with your day as you’d like, but it’s not a true Twin Peaks theme without one important ingredient: cherry pie! Whether you forgo the wedding cake altogether or you simply fill the traditional white dessert with cherries, it’s necessary to include cherries in your spread somehow. Agent Cooper wouldn’t approve otherwise! Serve your dessert alongside some post-dinner coffee in RR Diner mugs to keep your guests submerged in the atmosphere (just keep an eye out for any fish that might infiltrate the percolator!).

A photo booth can really drive a themed reception, and a Twin Peaks theme is no exception. Suggested props include an eye patch, a log, a tape recorder, a donut (fake might be the cleanest option), a two-part “Best Friends” necklace, the diary of Laura Palmer, and mismatched sunglasses a la Dr. Jacoby.

The chilling celebration doesn’t have to end when the party’s over. Instead of giving in to guestbook norms, provide a recorder and invite your guests to leave their well wishes behind with Diane. And don’t forget to leave those In Memoriam of Laura Palmer cards by the door!

Twin Peaks is as popular today as it was unpopular the year it got canceled. Whether you want to throw a full-blown bash or you’re just looking to add a touch of Twin Peaks into your big day, take inspiration from fellow admirers of the bizarre show. People all around the world have created a plethora of incredible pieces of art influenced by Twin Peaks. After all…it has been way over 25 years.