How to apply your wedding makeup

How to apply your wedding makeup

You want to learn how to apply wedding makeup for the eye properly and I’d love to teach you. Whether it’s for a wedding or not, good eye makeup application will take the same form and it’s not difficult. It just takes practice.

I’m going to give you the basics here and add some free eye makeup tips too. 

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face and skilfully applied makeup will accentuate them, bringing out their best points and hiding the weakest. The trick is to learn to apply all your eye cosmetics accurately.

Every stroke counts – whether you are aiming for a simple 60 second miracle before you rush out in the morning or layers of colour and luscious lashes for an event such as a wedding.

Using eye shadow

Use neutral tones such as flat brown, grey, grey-green or grey-blue to establish the shape of the eye, working from the inner to the outer corner.Use a darker tone to define the shape of the socket with a contour shadow.Use a lighter tone on the eyelids and beneath the brows to highlight the eyes.

Like everything else – it’s easy when you know how! 

But don’t worry – I am going to teach you how to apply eye makeup so that you will find it easy too

Apply Wedding Makeup With Eye Shadow Tips

  • Prominent eyes can be made less obvious by using dark shadow over the whole lid and lighter tones under the brow.
  • Deep-set eyes can be brought forward by using pale shadow over the lid and darker shadow on the brow bone.
  • Droopy eyes can be given a lift by applying darker shadow in the socket line, stopping it before the droopy corner. Also brush the eyebrows upward and define their shape well with a brow pencil.
  • With close-set eyes, take the emphasis to the outer corners by applying a darker shadow to the outer half and extending it slightly beyone the corner of the eye. Then apply a lighter shadow to the inner half of the eye.
  • For wide-set eyes, accentuate the inner corner with a darker shadow to cover the inner half of the eye. Then shade the outer half in a lighter tone and do not extend it past the corner of the eye.


Eye liner is used to accentuate the shape of your eyes by emphasising the borders of the eyelids and providing a contrast between the dark eye liner and the white of the eye. It should be applied after eye shadow.

For a subtle effect, use an eye pencil or gel eye liner in the same colour, but a darker tone, as your shadow. Dot the colour all along your upper lashes and just below the lower ones. Blend or smudge with a sponge or cotton bud to get the desired effect.


The eyebrows are an important part of how to apply wedding makeup for the eyes and will bring strength and expression to your face. If yours are in good shape they will balance your features and provide a frame for your eyes. 

Use a small brush to brush your brows into shape and get rid of any excess foundation or powder on them.

To define your eyebrows, fill them out or prolong them, use  an eyebrow pencil with a sharp point  in a colour to tone with them.

Start at the inner corner of the eyebrow and use short, light, upward strokes as you work towards the middle. Then from the centre of the eyebrow to the outer edge, use the same kind of feathery strokes but tip them downward a little.

Finally, to apply wedding makeup try a small amount of eyebrow fixer or brush on some clear mascara for a quick and easy ‘stay in shape’ solution.


Mascara  is one of the top three beauty products us girls just can’t live without!  Waterproof mascara is useful for weddings but non-waterproof ones are usually easier to remove so better for everyday use.

For thick fluttery lashes, close one eye and brush your favourite volumising mascara wand down from the roots to the tips. Then open your eye wide and brush the top lashes from underneath, again from roots to tips. Then with your eye open, work from roots to tips on the bottom lashes. Repeat for the other eye.

Especially for weddings, keep the look fresh and romantic by curling the upper lashes before applying another layer of mascara.