How to Apply Gel Eyeliner Flawlessly

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner Flawlessly

Going out on the town? Then you’ll want to ace your nighttime makeup routine. Why go out with the same makeup style you wear to the office? The night comes alive and so should you! Nighttime is the best time to bust out your eyeliners though one of the best eyeliner trends to come about in recent years is gel eyeliner.

Do you know how to apply gel eyeliner? Do you even OWN a gel eyeliner? You might want to go get one for that runway-gorgeous look that will leave men breathless in your wake.

Why Go With Gel Eyeliner?

You might be looking in your makeup drawer and wondering why you should choose gel eyeliner over liquid eyeliner, or even your old standby pencil eyeliner. Gel eyeliners give you much more versatility. It’s like the best of a liquid eyeliner and the best of a pencil eyeliner all in one handy eyeliner!

So How to Apply Gel Eyeliner Then?

If you’ve never used it before, you might be wondering how to apply gel eyeliner. It comes in two forms: a gel eyeliner pencil or a pot of gel liner. Like any makeup product, it takes a little practice to perfect your technique, especially if you’re using the pot. Lucky for you, we have all the steps you need to follow so you’ll know how to apply gel eyeliner flawlessly.

Step 1: Start with pure eyelids

In order to get your best makeup application ever for any type of makeup, especially gel eyeliner, you’ll want to make sure all traces of makeup and any excess oils have been cleansed away. You’ll also want to be sure you’ve completed your proper moisturizing routine and allowed a good 5 minutes for those products to have penetrated your skin. This will allow for optimum application.

Step 2: Use an eye primer

In your makeup routine, if you’re not using primer, you really should be. You’ll find that it makes a huge difference in keeping things looking smooth and perfect, plus it helps lock your makeup into place and makes it last longer too. Primer for the eyes will help keep your eye makeup where it belongs…on your eyes!

Step 3: Use your makeup brushes wisely

The best way to achieve perfection when learning how to apply gel eyeliner from a pot is to use a makeup brush for absolute precision. Specifically, the flat angular brush is fantastic for this task. It makes it easy to be precise with your application and can be used to layer for a deeper effect. A wider brush will work too if you are going for that seductive smoky-eyed look.

Step 4: Take a dip

Again, if you’re using gel eyeliner from a pot, you’ll need to dip your brush into the pot. Then swirl it around to coat all sides of your brush. Be sure to wipe the excess off carefully!

Step 5: Draw your lines

Whether you’ve got the gel eyeliner pencil or the gel eyeliner pot, this next step applies to both. You’ll want to start in the center of your lash line and draw a line that extends toward your outer eye edge. Give it a slight flick upward to achieve that cat’s eye look.

Then, finish the line by working from the inner eye and moving toward the middle. Are your eyes a bit hooded? Gently pull your lid taught to achieve that perfect line.

Step 6: Go bolder

Once you get that first basic line mastered with your gel eyeliner, you can add more intensity if you desire. You can layer it on for a darker line simply by going over the first line you created or you can smoke it up by smudging it.

Just a Little More Advice on How to Apply Gel Eyeliner

If the idea of using a brush and a gel eyeliner pot seems intimidating, then try going for a gel eyeliner pencil instead. For many women, because they’re used to lining their eyes with regular eyeliner pencils, this is a good start until they become more familiar with the way gel eyeliner works.

And in regards to brushes, feel free to experiment with them. Your lip brush is also a great tool for getting a super-fine line. Just make sure it’s clean first. You don’t want to get germs from your mouth on your eyes. Eek!

Oh! And here’s a super pro trick you can use: reuse liquid liner brushes when they’re all used up. They make a handy tool for applying gel eyeliner. Now go forth and rock the night, my pretties!