How should you spend your pre-wedding night

Once they reach a certain age, most people have a good idea of what happens on a wedding night. But what happens the night before the festivities? That’s when the answers start to differ. Whether you’re gathering your wedding party for a fancy rehearsal dinner or you’re planning a less traditional approach to the evening, as bedtime nears you’ll need to make some important decisions.

Business as Usual

If you’re living apart (or if you’re already living with your intended and you’re not big on ceremony), it makes sense to spend the night before your wedding as you’d spend the night before any major event–in your own bed, getting some rest. This is the best method for getting a good night’s sleep, but it does come with the potential drawback of not feeling “special” enough. If you’d like to add a little ceremony to your proceedings, give some thought to arranging special sleeping arrangements the night before your wedding.

The (Pre)Honeymoon Suite 

Since your wedding is a time to be a princess (or prince), it’s time to start living like one! Get your nuptials off to a good start by spending the night before in high style. Rent a room in a fancy hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast, and make sure you ask for the honeymoon suite with ALL the trimmings (champagne, Jacuzzi, and room service included!). The only drawback is the cost, but if you have extra room in your wedding budget it’s never too early to start celebrating your marriage–and waking up in a fancy room will give you a jump start into “special occasion” mode. 

Generating Anticipation

Whether you’re dutifully saving yourself for your wedding night, or you’ve been living under the same roof for years, it never hurts to generate a little anticipation. Spend the night before your wedding in separate rooms and give yourselves time to miss each other. That way, when you see each other at the wedding, the moment will be all the more spectacular. Spending the night with your maid of honor, best man, or respective parents are good ways to individually collect yourselves before the big day. Just don’t stay with anyone who’s too chatty, or you’ll end up missing out on a full night’s sleep!

Partying it Up

Do you have a constitution of steel? Believe it or not, many (usually younger) brides and grooms plan their bachelor and bachelorette parties for the very night before their weddings. If you’re not the type to show off a dazzling smile after two hours of sleep, however, don’t try this before your wedding. For the vast majority of people, getting a full eight hours of beauty sleep is the way to go. 

A Little Help from Your Friends

If you can’t see yourself hitting bars with a bachelorette posse the night before your wedding, but you don’t want to go into your celebration without the full support of your friends either, you can plan a compromise. Ask just a few of your closest friends (like your maid of honor and bridesmaids) to join you for a small sleepover. They should all pack the items they’ll need for the next day so you can drive to the ceremony site en masse. While you will have to lay out some ground rules (i.e. no loud talking after midnight; no hogging the hot water before the bride’s shower), having your bridal party in one place does have its conveniences, too. You’ll be certain everyone will show up to the wedding on time!  

Good Health and Happiness

The best way to choose the perfect location for your last night of being single is to think about what kind of feeling you want to experience as you wake and prepare for your wedding day. If you’re in the mood for bustling friends and excited activity, arrange your night to include your best friends. If you’d prefer a laid-back time of quiet reflection with your betrothed, arrange your night to include a little privacy. Just make sure you have your health in mind–eat nutritious foods, don’t over-drink, and get enough sleep so you know you’ll enter your wedding ceremony looking and feeling your best.