Hiring Limo Rentals and Valet Service for your Wedding

Sometimes the party starts before the event. Limos and other special transportation options allow you and your guests to arrive in style, while eliminating risks like drunk driving and traffic congestion. Even if people will be taking their own cars, valet parking adds convenience and a touch of class. Luckily, arranging the right transportation for your event isn’t hard.

Choosing the Right Wedding Limo Or Transportation

What style of transportation would you like? Limousines? Stretch-Hummers? Vintage cars? Horse-drawn carriages? Segways? A chartered yacht or private jet? From the flash of an Aston Martin to the convenience of a shuttle bus, there are rentable options for just about anything you require.

If you’re a bride or groom, think twice before splurging on a big entrance. Since you’ll want to arrive at your ceremony early enough to avoid last-minute delays, not every guest will see you arrive. Consider saving your spectacle for a dramatic exit. Ask rental companies if they offer red carpet service, “Just Married” signs, champagne, special glassware, or other wedding perks.

Do you need to hire a valet service? If parking options will be limited or confusing, or if the area is unsafe, valets bypass the inconvenience and give your guests door-to-(car)door service. They also minimize the amount of time guests spend walking in the cold or rain, and make it easier for disabled guests to arrive easily. Valet services usually charge by the hour, with more attendants being more expensive.

If you’re hosting an event at your home, hiring a valet service may become a necessity to ensure that too many cars don’t crowd out your neighborhood. It doesn’t hurt to call your neighbors and alert them to your plans as well. Estimate that you’ll need about one valet for every fifty guests, but check with the service before hiring.

How many vehicles do you need? Traditionally, the bride and groom arrive separately, as does the wedding party. You’ll need vehicles to transport yourself and your guests from the ceremony to the reception, if there is a change of venue, and another vehicle to whisk the bride and groom away to their new life together. You can pay for the chauffer to wait between events, or hire new vehicles for pick-up and drop-off service only.

Getting the Details Right

Vehicle rental prices depend on many factors, such as the amount of time the vehicle is required, the distance it will travel, number of passengers, time of year and week, location and destination, and vehicle type. Luxury sedans are easier on tight budgets, while stretch SUVs can reach upwards of $300 an hour. Average rental rates are $50 – $100 an hour, but don’t forget to add 15 to 20 percent gratuity to the overall bill. Call a few places and get price quotes before you decide.

It sounds obvious, but rent a vehicle that will fit your number of guests. Most companies insist on strict limits for safety reasons. Standard limousines fit six to eight passengers, but stretch-Hummers can accommodate up to twenty people comfortably. For more people than that, you’re looking at a party bus.

Before you hire a vehicle or valet service, make sure you’ve read the fine print. Is there a minimum rental time? Is the price all-inclusive, or are there charges for mileage, wait time, sales tax, etc? What is the cancellation policy? Does the company have sufficient insurance and business licenses? Also, check to make sure the chauffer will be properly attired.

Feel free to ask for references, either from people you know or the company itself. You can also ask any other vendors you hire if they have worked alongside professional companies in the past. Always ask to see photos of any vehicle you book online, as some unscrupulous companies advertise overly optimistic passenger capacities.

What features does the rental company offer? Although different companies’ prices differ, not every vehicle comes with fiber optic lighting, fully stocked bars, TVs, refrigerators, lounge seating, or even casinos and dance floors. You can decide what is important to you.

Do you plan to bring champagne or enjoy your limo’s wet bar? Cocktails are part of the glamorous image, but check your state’s laws before you indulge. Most states allow drinking in licensed limousines, but underage drinking is never permitted.