Having A Valentine's Day Wedding

Whether you’re waiting for the lovers’ holiday as the perfect time to pop the question, or you’re already engaged and eagerly awaiting a ceremony under Cupid’s arrow, Valentine’s Day is a popular date couples anticipate year-round. Although it’s the peak of romance, Valentine’s Day presents its own set of challenges; namely, getting your wedding to stand out in a sea of other couples’ celebrations, and beating Valentine’s Day prices. With a little originality and creativity, however, your Valentine’s Day wedding can be as sweet and perfect as a chocolate-dipped strawberry.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day

Are you sifting through candy Valentine’s Day hearts to find the ones that say “Will You” and “Marry Me?” Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to complement the romance in your relationship with an even bigger reason to celebrate. So cut out a few hundred paper hearts, hire a string quartet, and get on one knee.

Since romance is already in the air on Valentine’s Day, you’ll need some truly unique proposal ideas to make your gesture stand out. Why not hollow out one chocolate in a box of heart-shaped chocolates and include “Will You Marry Me” on a slip of paper like a cookie fortune? Even if your sweetheart doesn’t usually go for the ones with crème filling, you can hand-pick it and say, “I’m sure you’ll like this one.” 

If your beloved isn’t into conventionally celebrating Valentine’s Day, don’t worry, you don’t have to get all mushy. Skip the pink roses and look for ways to celebrate your relationship, specifically. If you share a love of punk rock, get down on one safety-pinned knee and propose at a live show. If you’re impressed with your sweetie’s startling proficiency at mini golf, wait for the fantasy-castle and whip out the ring box then.

If your favorite moments are spent simply enjoying a meal at your usual neighborhood sandwich joint, enlist the restaurant’s help in spelling “Marry Me” in BBQ sauce on the plate. As long as you’re sharing something unique to both of you, it’s sure to be romantic. Even better: a Valentine’s Day proposal can be followed a year later by a Valentine’s Day wedding!

Getting Married on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky wedding date, since you’ll have to be sensitive to stealing other couples’ limelight. After all, Valentine’s Day is a date for all relationships to celebrate, and you’re asking your guests to set aside their own plans to share in yours. It’s not necessarily a problem, though. Be sure to embrace the romance in the air, perhaps by inviting guests to share their most romantic stories in the form of short speeches or collected in a booklet for you to read later. Above all, be sure to send your Save-the-Dates well ahead of time to be sure you’re not stepping on your guests’ holiday plans. 

Since Valentine’s Day already comes with a set of expectations that includes pink and red decorations, cupids, roses, chocolate, and candy hearts, what can you do to make your celebration unique? Look for ways to make your own twist on traditions. Instead of cut flowers, for example, opt for live ones. On a day celebrating your love life, why not embrace living things? Miniature potted rose bushes make lovely centerpieces, and you can give them to guests as favors afterward. Plus, if you have a green thumb, you can buy living roses well before the Valentine’s Day price hike and not worry about them wilting.

One word of caution: beware of the budget. If your heart is set on an ultra-romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, pink balloons won’t be the only things inflating. Prices on romantic touches skyrocket around February, with the cost of roses actually doubling in most locations. Popular wedding venues also raise their rental prices for popular dates like Valentine’s Day (more so if it falls on a weekend), so your best defense is to book extra-early.

You can also ask vendors about whether there is a discount for things like paying up-front in cash, or for purchasing all your wedding supplies at one location. If you’re friends with a large number of couples who will also be investing in flowers for the holiday, you can try to coordinate for a bulk purchase direct from a retailer. Save money on Valentine’s Day decorations by shopping for post-holiday sales the year before your wedding.

Valentine’s Day weddings can capture all the romance of the day and still reflect your uniqueness as a couple. Freely mix traditional touches with what makes your relationship exceptional, and you’ll be able to celebrate your anniversary with your special Valentine for years to come.