Give One-of-a-Kind Favors with Custom Candies and Edibles

Your wedding is one of a kind, so why shouldn’t the same be said of your snacks? Delight your guests with custom-designed edible offerings of foods and drinks made just for your wedding. You can personalize the treats themselves, or you can serve them in personalized tins to be used over and over again. The choice is all yours!

Customized Candies

If you want unique wedding candy, you don’t have to knock yourself out making your own sugar jewels. Combine classic candies (that you already know your guests will love) with one-of-a-kind messages that can only be found at your wedding. Both Jelly Belly and M&M’s, for example, let you customize the colors of your candy as well as offering clip art options and a space to add your own (short) message.

You can also order more exotic customized candies online, such as Rice Krispies Treats with edible, custom picture squares embedded in the middle. Offer a range of personalized candies in a dessert bar at your reception, or hand out baggies of custom-made sweets tied with ribbon as wedding favors.

There are also plenty of options available to customize candy wrappers. It’s easy to find websites that will let you design your own wrappers for chocolate bars, and the step-by-step forms make it easy even if you don’t have an art degree. Think of clever ideas for your wrapper that sum up the mood of your wedding. For example, the wrappers for gum could say, “Bill and Janet: Stuck on each other.”

For smaller candies, customized stickers work well. Print round stickers for candies like chocolate kisses or peanut butter cups. Printed ribbons are the perfect thing to wrap around the sticks of cake pops, chocolate pops, lollipops, and small bags of sweets. You can find companies online to print personalized stickers and ribbons at a minimal cost.

Don’t limit your personalization efforts to candies that will be eaten right away. Designing a customized cover for tins of mints or chocolate drops will let guests reuse the tin afterwards to store small valuables like earrings or essentials like paper clips and safety pins. As the tin gets opened again and again, it will ensure that your guests continue thinking of the excellent time they had at your wedding.

Labels for Bottles

Whether you’re crafty enough to buy sticker paper and print your own, or you’d rather find a company online to print and assemble custom labels on bottles for you, there’s no denying that bottled goods make great favors. Treat your guests to delicious samples of anything from barbecue sauce to blackberry jam.

Make it yourself or buy it in bulk–just be clever when designing the labels. Tiny jars of maple syrup, for example, could say their product is “sweet as true love.” Jars of wildflower honey might read, “Meant to bee together.” Feeling a little frisky? Label your hot sauce with a slogan like, “Hotter than Dan and Spicier than Laura!”

Baked Goods

You know how the fortunes inside Chinese fortune cookies never quite get your future exactly right? Now you can change that by ordering custom fortune cookies with the words you want. Customize your cookies even further by ordering them dipped in chocolate, rolled in sprinkles, or iced in any color–with additional, three-dimensional icing accents like flowers or bows.

Both cookies and cupcakes can be iced with your message or printed with your edible photo. Ask your local bakery if you can bring in a shot from your engagement session.


Like a model airplane, sometimes the fun lies in assembling the perfect gift. Give your guests a delicious project for a rainy afternoon with everything-included wedding favor kits. (Companies will ship them to your door with all of your wedding information on the labels.) You can find ready-made packets of cocktail mix in assorted flavors from lemon drop martini to strawberry daiquiri. Give these with a customized cocktail glass and a mini-bottle of liquor for a complete wedding favor package.

Similar packages can be found for cupcake mix, cake batter, cookie batter, brownie mix, pancake mix, and muffin mix (usually these require the guest to just add eggs and milk). If you’re into the idea of a DIY project, gather and measure the ingredients yourself for an inexpensive and fun wedding favor.

Want to simplify things? Give out customized packets of tea and coffee along with personalized mugs. The only thing that’s left for the guest to do is to add hot water!

Personalized Beverages and Brews

Are you a wine connoisseur looking for that perfect finishing touch? There are countless web-based businesses that are glad to help you customize the perfect label for one-of-a-kind bottles of wine. While the wine itself is already made, you can design your label from the convenience of your home computer and the full bottles will be shipped to your front door. Customize each bottle with a photo from your engagement session and serve them at the wedding in addition to giving them as favors to special guests.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a business like IncrediBREW in New Hampshire, you can mix your very own batch of custom beer for your event. The process takes a few hours of your time, a few weeks of waiting, and voila: you’ve got custom-labeled bottles of beer that can’t be tasted anywhere in the world except your wedding. More and more businesses nationwide are picking up this business model, so call your local brewery and ask what they can offer!

Customized beverages aren’t limited to alcoholic ones. Personalized soda labels are every bit as easy to design and order from your computer, and the range of flavor options should satisfy any sweet tooth. If you’re not satisfied with the label you design, ask an artistic friend to donate some graphic work as a wedding present–or hire a local art student for a quick job.

Unique Wedding Favors

Your guests will be thrilled to take home a sweet reminder of the excellent time they had at your wedding. Give a combination of personalized edibles and longer-lasting custom containers so the wedding favors will bring your friends and family joyful memories for years to come. Whether you buy them ready-made or you go into a DIY frenzy, you won’t have any of these delicious favors left behind after the reception!