Finding the perfect wedding veil

It’s not enough to find the perfect wedding dress. Next, you have to find the perfect veil to go with it. But there are so many styles out there, how do you know which one to choose? There are a few factors to consider when shopping for the wedding veil that’s perfect for you.

Find a veil that complements your style

Finding the perfect veil isn’t as easy as going to the store and picking one you like. You also have to consider how well it will complement the rest of your wedding day look. If your wedding dress relies heavily on ornamental beading, for example, look for a veil that is decorated with the same type of beads. A pearl-lined bodice would pair with a netted veil studded with pearls of the same size, shape, and hue.

If you can’t find a veil that matches your dress exactly, you may want to contrast your veil with your dress style, instead. If you’re using this approach, it’s important that you don’t allow your veil and gown to compete with each other for attention. If you have a simple dress without too much ornamentation, go for a more flamboyant veil. The sleeker your dress, the more you can dress up your veil with feathers, gems, patterned netting, colored accents, or small fascinators. If your dress has ornate beading or intricate gathering, however, look for a short, simple veil without any added features.

The same rules apply to matching your veil with your hairstyle. If you are wearing a very elaborate hairdo, give it the attention it deserves by pairing it with a simple, sheer veil. On the other hand, a straightforward hairstyle like long, loose hair or an elegant bun will benefit from a flashier accessory.

Choose a length

Wedding veils come in many length options, depending on the level of formality you desire. For a less formal wedding, such as a garden or beach ceremony, a very short veil (like a birdcage veil) pinned with a single flower might be your best bet. The see-through netting will reveal your eyes and give you a classic, flirty charm.

For more formal weddings, consider a veil that comes down to your elbows or waist. While these types of veils fall in a more elegant manner, they are also still short enough to not drag on the ground or get in the way of easy movement.

Cathedral length veils are the longest and most formal. These drag on the ground behind the bride and are the perfect option for not only very formal weddings, but also for dramatic photos. Wear a cathedral length veil on a windy day and you will always have material streaming and fluttering around you like a princess in a storybook illustration.

Styles of veil ornamentation

First, how many tiers would you like your veil to have? The more tiers in your veil, the more ornate and formal it will look. If you’re wearing a very long veil, a short tier (called a blusher) that covers your face will provide modest coverage while not getting tangled in your bouquet or feet. This is what the groom will lift for the first kiss.

Next, decide how you’d like your veil to be ornamented. You can concentrate the design around the rim of your veil, at the fastening point on top of your head, or throughout the veil’s material. For rim designs, look for threaded ribbon, strings of pearls, or even colored lace (if your wedding gown will have colored accents of its own). For an ornate fastener, look for small bunches of feathers, antique hair ornaments, or silk flowers. If you’re decorating the veil’s material itself, look for intriguing textures such as a wide fishnet or crochet pattern, or a sheer netting studded with gems. Many brides choose DIY veil decoration as a way to give their wedding outfits a more personal touch.

The Perfect Veil

In classical Greek and Roman times, a bridal veil was worn to protect superstitious brides from evil spirits. Today, it symbolizes purity and innocence. Whether you’re choosing to wear yours to reveal your face to your beloved at the perfect moment, or whether you just want an accessory to finish your gorgeous wedding outfit, with a little bit of searching, you will find the perfect veil for you.