Escape the family politics with a destination wedding

It’s easier than ever to book a destination wedding – all it takes is some creativity and planning.

Consider these four reasons why destination weddings are so popular:

1. They’re cost-effective

The idea of a wedding at a resort in a tropical locale may sound glamorous, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. In reality, the cost of the average destination wedding is lower than that of the average local wedding.

Many travel agencies offer great deals on destination wedding packages that include many nice amenities and perks. Your wedding ceremony and honeymoon are rolled into one, so no need to plan (or pay for) two separate experiences; however, destination weddings often result in a shorter guest list, which is something to take into consideration. Here are some of the things you should factor into your budget:

– your own dress/suit

– groomsmen and bridesmaid attire

– photographer

– flowers

– flight and hotel

– reception

– passports/visas (if required)

2. They’re great for family bonding

Beautiful scenery and new, exciting things to do are great inspirations for family fun and bonding. This is a great opportunity for your families to get to know each other better, or for couples with kids taking a second shot at love.

3. They allow for creativity

You and your partner might not want to have a traditional wedding. You may be thinking of something more playful, fun, and reflective of your personalities. Some couples want to marry barefoot on the beach with a steel drum band playing the wedding march. If that’s the case, a destination wedding might be perfect for you.

That’s not to say that a wedding in a far-flung locale can’t be formal or traditional. For example, a couple may want to marry in the country of one or both partners’ heritage in a ceremony that includes aspects of the local culture.

4. They’re relatively low-stress

 For the reasons listed above, having a destination wedding can be a breeze. What could be better than enjoying a relaxing vacation, marrying the love of your life, and spending time with your closest loved ones at the same time? Many brides find that the change of scenery and “on holiday” vibe associated with destination weddings makes the entire process much easier and less harrying than tying the knot in your local area.

The Practicalities and realities of Paradise Weddings

The weather plays a large role in a destination wedding. After all, couples usually choose a location based on their desire for the perfect climate conditions. While there’s no way to guarantee that the weather will cooperate with you, during the planning stages, gain a basic idea of the best season or month for your celebration. Do a bit of research on your location and find the average temperatures, rainfall, and other pertinent information. Some couples choose to purchase wedding insurance to protect their investment in case of unforeseen events that can include unexpected, damaging weather and other unpleasant surprises.

Make sure to research the marriage licensing requirements of your chosen locale. Countries can vary a lot when it comes to what they require for a couple to be legally married. Some places have residency requirements, while others may need to have your identity documents translated into the local language. In some cases, your documents may need to be certified by your embassy. It pays to be aware of the local laws so that you can be sure that your nuptials are deemed valid once you’ve returned home.

When planning a destination wedding, you will want to give your guests plenty of notice. It’s one thing to make it to a local Saturday afternoon wedding and another entirely to arrange to attend a three-day event in Honolulu. As mentioned above, the guest list for your destination wedding should be well thought out, and be prepared for at least a few desired guests to decline due to difficulties with scheduling or finances.

To begin planning your destination wedding, look through travel booklets or on the Internet. Speak with your travel agent or with a destination wedding planner. This type of wedding coordinator can help you with every detail of your big day, from foreign licensing requirements to lodging. Congratulations and Bon Voyage!