Keeping Your Flower Girl and Her Dress in Near-Perfect Order

Keeping your flower girl and her dress stain-free before she makes her entrance at the wedding can be a challenge. But part of the charm of having a flower girl is that same child-like spirit that can lead to rips, stains and a general mess.

This isn’t to say you have to resign yourself to a white dress outfitted in muddy stains. We’ve got a few ideas for you to try to wedding-proof your flower girl and her gown.

Storing the Dress before the Wedding

Proper storage is important to prevent staining. Be sure you take the dress out of the original plastic covering many flower girl dresses come wrapped in. Plastic can trap condensation, which can cause mildew to grow. This may stain the dress and leave it smelling musty.

A good way to store a flower girl dress is to hang it on a padded hanger and cover it with a clean white cotton sheet that has been washed without any detergent or bleach. Place the dress in a closet where there is no direct sunlight. Hang the dress away from other clothing. By keeping space on either side of the dress, you will allow it to ventilate and prevent it from wrinkling.

Handling Surprise Wrinkles

Even the best-laid plans for storing a flower girl dress can offer surprises. If the dress is wrinkled, the best advice is to heed the manufacturer’s label. However, if it is the morning of the wedding and there is no way you can get the dress to a dry cleaner and back, then you need to consider handling the situation yourself.

Pull out your trusty steamer. If you don’t have one, hang the dress over a large pot of boiling water for 30 minutes or so and see if the wrinkles have disappeared. Keep checking every 15 minutes until the stubborn wrinkles are gone.

If you need to iron the dress, use the lowest setting recommended for the fabric. Turn the dress inside-out and press it from the inside. If ironing a dress with beads or sequins, try using a thick ironing board cover so the decorative details can be pressed without damage. When dealing with tulle, know that it has a very low melting point. A pressing cloth is essential, as is extreme care.


For flower girls who will be dressing at the ceremony site, be sure the dress is laid or hung on a clean surface. It may be worth your time to spread a white sheet in vehicles to ensure the dress remains as stain-free as possible.

Removing Those Day-of-the-Wedding Stains

Trying to keep your little one stain-free is a challenge. Dirt and food sometimes seem to jump on dresses of even the most careful of flower girls.

To clean a small stain, place a towel under the stained area, gently rub a bar of soap over the stain and spritz a small amount of water on the stained fabric. The idea is to have the stain bleed through onto the towel. Be sure not to rub the stain too vigorously, because it may create an even bigger blot.

If you’ve got a white dress, you can try to hide the stain. Lightly sprinkle baby powder on the stain, dampen a cloth and pat it over the powder. The powder should stick to the dress and cover the spot.

Creating a Protective Shield for the Dress

It’s amazing how little girls can find just the right place on a chair to sit where a bit of grape jelly missed being wiped up. To avoid such situations, have her wear something on top of the gown until the ceremony is set to begin. Anything from her raincoat to Mommy’s cape will do, just as long as all areas are covered.


Wedding-proofing the flower girl dress doesn’t just apply to grape stains and dirt smudges. If you know your little one doesn’t let a day pass without lifting her skirt to show off her newfound belly button or announce she’s accomplished potty training by showing off her new panties, you may want to invest in some undergarments to wear with her flower girl dress.

A full slip that snugly fits her body may be helpful in preventing any belly baring. Better yet, have her wear a body suit with snaps for bathroom breaks. There are shops online that can personalize them. If you’re sure some of the wedding guests will be getting a peek, you may want to document the occasion with wording like “Briana’s Flower Girl Debut” and include the date or a slogan stating the obvious: “Briana’s Belly”.

Wedding-proofing your flower girl and her dress takes some effort. But even if she or her dress has a few marks, most people will understand and many will likely relate. Kids will be kids, so relax and enjoy the moment.