Fun Games to Liven Up Your Wedding Shower

Jazz up the wedding shower with a variety of games to help break the ice between friends and family, while letting them in on some interesting facts about the couple.

There are three primary things to consider when planning these games:

Who’s attending? – Your choice of games should match the people who are attending. An older crowd may find loud and physically challenging games unappealing and uncomfortable; while the same might be said for a more virtuous group playing an embarrassing game involving possibly risqué personal questions.

Where’s the shower? – Your chosen venue is also an important factor. An elegant afternoon tea party will probably be more successful with pen-and-paper guessing games, while an at-home, honeymoon-themed party may be perfect for dancing, singing, and participating in more playful entertainment.

What’s the theme? – Not every wedding shower has a specific theme. But if you are targeting a particular motif, try to tie the concept in with the games you choose.

Here are some ideas to inspire you as you get started on your preparations.

Games That Exercise the Brain

How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom?  This quiz game tests guests’ knowledge with trivia about the couple, such as:  Where did they meet? Where did they go on their first date? How long have they known each other? How long have they been a couple? How did he propose? How many children are they planning on having? etc. Ask each question aloud and have guests write down their answers. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Some variations would be to ask your guests questions solely about the bride, or even place the bride on the spot and have her answer questions about her groom. If choosing the latter, be sure the bride is willing to participate, and the groom promises not to reveal his answers to her. With every incorrect answer, the bride must add a piece of unusual clothing or accessory to her attire. This could be anything from bloomers or an out-of-style dress, to a wig, funny sunglasses, or a goofy hat. The end result is sure to be a picture-perfect moment.

The Perfect Price – Purchase some inexpensive items the bride may need for her new household such as dish towels, dishwashing soap, trash bags, disinfecting wipes, air freshener, a feather duster, etc. Place the items on a table and have everyone write down how much they think each one costs. The guest that gets the most answers correct wins. If no one gets an exact answer on an item, the winner is whoever comes closest to the price. The best part is that the bride gets an armful of extra gifts to take home.

Wedding Pictionary – This is played like the game Pictionary,except with wedding-related words written on note cards. These might include flower girl, honeymoon, courtship, birdseed, wedding gown, bridesmaids, etc. Fold the cards and place them in a container. Then, separate guests into teams and have a person from each team select a card. One by one, each person must draw their words out in picture-form on a large-sized tablet and hope team members can decipher what the word is within a minute. The team with the most correct answers wins.

Physical Games

The Couple’s Karaoke – Borrow or rent a karaoke machine. Find out what the couple’s favorite songs are and download them on the machine. Print the lyrics, pass them out to your guests and let the singing begin. Like in a normal karaoke bar, this activity should be voluntary. It may work best with a less-easily-embarrassed guest list, and perhaps later into the event, after the party has warmed up.

The Ultimate TP Wedding Dress – Separate guests into teams and hand each team a roll of toilet paper or two. A member of the team will act as the bride, while the other team members dress her in the ultimate wedding dress. Using only toilet paper, members have one minute to design their creations. The team with the best design according to the bride wins.

Orange You Gonna Swing? – This game is definitely for the physically adept. First, you’ll need to prep an area with a start and finish line.  The distance between them can be of your choosing, but this game definitely requires quite a bit of room. At the starting line, place enough oranges on the ground to equal the number of participants. Next, place an orange into one foot of a pair of pantyhose. Have guests tie the pantyhose around their waists and place their legs shoulder-width apart, with the orange-footed leg hanging between theirs. Participants must then use their orange-hose, using only their hips, to tap their orange past the finish line. The winner is the one whose orange crosses the finish line in the shortest amount of time.

Have Fun

Games are fun but can also carry a hint of competition. Winners should receive a prize such as bath soaps, potpourri, chocolate, a small gift card to a coffee shop, gourmet jelly beans, or something similar to take home with them.

A wedding shower is a celebration. Set the pace with the right games for the crowd and everyone is sure to have a good time.