Flower Girl Accessories: Little Touches to Make Your Girls Shine

Flower Girl Accessories: Little Touches to Make Your Girls Shine

Having a flower girl, or even a flock of them, walk down the aisle at your wedding can add youth and innocence to your ceremony. In addition to adorable flower girl dresses, you may want to consider accessorizing the little ones to add an even more personal touch.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Many specialty bridal shops offer children’s shoes that can be dyed to match the dress–or other color in your décor. Just like you, flower girls that are on their feet all day can quickly turn cranky, so make you choose shoes that fit comfortably.

With a growing kid on your hands, it is best to wait until one or two weeks before the wedding to purchase shoes. A small heel or flat shoe will help with the level of comfort and ease of walking, especially for wobbling toddlers.

Picking Hair Accessories

It is best to stay simple with a flower girl’s hairdo because long hair can get tangled throughout the day, considering all the dancing and posing for pictures. For spicing up a simple hairdo, there are many hair accessories you can add that not only will look fantastic, but will be low-maintenance.

Bejeweled headbands are a great way to keep hair out of the girl’s face while adding a glamorous sparkle. A tiara can make your flower girl look and feel like a little princess. If you are having a more casual ceremony, consider tucking fresh flowers into your flower girl’s hair, or using fun and brightly-colored barrettes.

Jewelry to Complement Your Flower Girl

Very young flower girls can wear jewelry, but it’s important to make sure that the jewelry is safe. Pick jewelry that isn’t too tight around the neck, and isn’t something they can take off or swallow. If a flower girl has pierced ears, you should stick with simple pearl or diamond studs, because longer earrings could get caught in the dress or hair.

You may also want to consider choosing jewelry made of plastic, ribbon or another natural material, because some metals may irritate a young person’s sensitive skin. You can have a custom piece such as a necklace or bracelet made with their initials, favorite color or some other symbol as a gift.

Giving the jewelry as a gift to your flower girl (or girls) before the ceremony can be a nice gesture to make them feel like an important part of the day. It can also make for a fantastic photo-op.

Turn Up the Cute Volume

Chances are, no matter what your flower girl is wearing, the “oohs” and “ahhs” will be flowing, but there are some accessories that really highlight the cuteness of your flower girls. A playful tutu or even a pair of small, sparkly fairy wings and a princess wand can add a whimsical element to your ceremony without being cheesy or overdone. These lend themselves to great photographs.

Unexpected Accessories

You can go beyond the traditional flower girl adornments and add unexpected accessories that bring uniqueness to your day. Long gloves, colorful or patterned tights, a bolero jacket, or a fanciful brooch can all help your flower girl make a splash.

Choose accessories and adornments that fit your budget (or that of the flower girl’s parents). It is always nice to pick accessories that can be worn again for future special occasions. Make memories that you and your flower girl will cherish for years to come.