“Fall” in Love with Autumn Wedding Themes

It’s a romantic time of year. The crisp weather encourages long walks under the falling leaves, or cuddling under a blanket in front of a fire. The warm tones of autumn leaves make the whole world seem like it’s been decorated to celebrate love. For couples who don’t mind a bit of chill in the air, autumn provides a dramatic, colorful, perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Fall Fashion

Like the falling leaves, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are all unique, bound together by a single purpose. Let them show their “true colors” by picking out formal wear in the autumnal hue of their choice. From deep reds and vibrant oranges, through delicate yellows and regal golds, and into earth tones like brown and tan, autumn colors provide a wide range to suit any skin tone. As long as you impose some order on their selection (such as requesting that all dresses be tea-length or all made of satin), they will still look like part of a cohesive whole. If the men in your bridal party wear matching suits, they can accessorize with the same range of colors in hats, ties, or handkerchiefs. 

If you’re planning an afternoon wedding leading into an evening reception, take temperature into account. Be sure to let your guests know to bring extra layers, so they can enjoy your wedding without being distracted by the changing weather. If you want to be sure your guests stay comfortable, you can provide a station by the door with simple evening wraps, hats, and jackets your guests can borrow for the evening.

A Hearty Menu

Warm your guests on a chilly autumn day by giving them something warm to sip. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate can be dressed up with gourmet flair, but you may also want to explore savory options like hot soup. Hearty, flavorful choices like roasted red pepper and garlic soup, butternut squash soup topped with toasted seeds, or a classic chicken-noodle will be well-received by all age groups. Couples looking to make a special impression may turn to steaming, herbed clam juice in single-serving shot glasses. Tradition holds that a shot of clam juice every day will keep the common cold at bay–now your guests can really toast to your health!

Seasonal Sweets

If autumn had a taste, it would be maple. Spoon the rich syrup into dessert drinks or drizzle it over ice cream and mini waffles. You may also want to serve leaf-shaped maple candies, or use them to decorate your wedding cake. Small jars of custom-labeled maple syrup make beautiful favors that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Don’t forget apples! The crisp taste of an autumn apple mirrors the fresh bite in the air. Serve these seasonal fruits in fresh slices alongside dipping options like chocolate, caramel, or honey. Apples can also be cooked into nearly any dessert including breads, tarts, turnovers, and, of course, pies. For a twist on classic apple pie, consider offering single-serving, cupcake-sized pies. The delicate latticework will entice guests to take one, enjoy it, and then take another.

Autumnal Décor

Lucky you: Mother Nature has done most of your wedding decorating already! If you want a wedding that really speaks with autumn elegance, turn to the dramatic stylings of the great outdoors. Wrap pinecones and ribbon around candles for elegant, simple centerpieces. The twisty, red branches of manzanita trees make for stunning additions to flower arrangements and bouquets. Incorporating red, yellow, and gold autumn leaves into hair ornaments and door wreaths will bring all the color of the season into your celebration, even if it takes place indoors. Do you live in an area that doesn’t get too many fall colors? Don’t worry–you can still find these non-floral delights through florists or by ordering them online. 

You may want to incorporate the mood of the season without bringing too much of it inside. Celebrate autumn with leaf- and pinecone-shaped napkin rings, place cards, and stationery themes for your invitations. Warm autumn scents like pumpkin and spice bring the mood alive no matter where your venue is located. 

You may wish to simply place a few mini-pumpkins along the steps to your venue. You may choose to use entire living trees as the archway under which you recite your vows. No matter how far you decide to take your autumnal theme, the season will add a splash of color and delight to the proceedings.