Don't Overlook These Logistical Wedding Day Details

It’s the evening after the wedding, as your eyes are closing before sleep, that the thought inevitably strikes: “I never set out those rose petal bowls I spent so much time preparing!” or “Why did I spend so much money matching the hem of my gown to the lining of my purse, anyway?”

While you can’t ensure that every detail will go smoothly on your wedding day, you can at least prepare a checklist of the little details that matter most to you. Your wedding day will be a blur of happy activity, so do your research ahead of time (like right now)!

With the peak of wedding season fast approaching, your big day is likely just around the corner. Don’t forget these last-minute details to make sure your wedding day is perfect.

Signs to direct people to your wedding

Your wedding may not have much in common with the Department of Motor Vehicles, but they do share one characteristic: milling crowds of people who aren’t quite sure where they need to go. Don’t let your nuptials generate the confusion and frustration of a poorly-spent morning at the DMV. Instead, turn to smart crowd control with proper signage.

When you visit your wedding venue ahead of time, approach it like you’re a guest from out of town. Is it obvious where to park your car, or do you need to make a sign? Is that parking area large enough to fit all your guests’ cars, or do you need a “lot full” sign pointing to an additional lot? Once you get out of your car, is it obvious where the wedding is being held, or do you need signs directing guests along a footpath?

Even once you’re inside the venue, signs are important. Direct your guests through the steps they’ll want to take. From a place to hang their coats to a place to put their presents, a well-organized trail of signs will keep everyone moving smoothly. Don’t forget signs to bathrooms, handicapped-accessible bathrooms, and smoking areas.

You can make signs attractive and on-theme. From rustic wooden signs to cursive calligraphy, signage comes in all styles. Painted signs make fun DIY projects for the creative-minded couple, and turn into custom artwork when commissioned from an artist. When in doubt, add a sign. You’ll never regret that your wedding went too smoothly!

Labels everywhere

Labels are little signs–and are just as important as their larger cousins! Wherever you’ve gone to the trouble to make something special for your guests, make sure they notice by giving it a helpful label. If you ordered a special vegetarian version of your main dinner course, don’t let your veggie guests pass it by because it looks too much like the real deal. Label everything from the vegan wedding cupcakes to the kosher brisket. In the flurry of providing your guests with delicious options, it’s all too easy to forget to label them.

Labels also come in handy when showing guests which options to avoid. In fact, your labels could save a life! Label foods with possible allergen contaminations, such as foods prepared on the same surfaces as nuts or gluten. Your guests with food sensitivities will thank you for playing it safe.

Labels don’t have to be too fancy–they just have to be accurate. While commissioning custom-calligraphy cards is a beautiful touch, you can also print professional-looking labels on your home printer.

Use a nice grade of paper and be sure your printer prints cleanly with no streaks or fluctuating levels of ink. If some of the members of your wedding party have good penmanship, you can even have a “labeling party” and turn a chore into a fun occasion. If you know someone who’s a whiz at origami, get fancy with folded, three-dimensional labels in the shapes of butterflies or flowers.

Timetable Cards

Your wedding party is supposed to be the inner ring of support on your wedding day, but what happens when you have a few bridesmaids or groomsmen who don’t know what to do? Keep your wedding party together by handing out timetable cards before the event.

Include essential information about the times and locations of your special day. Start with when and where the bridesmaids should meet for pre-ceremony hair and makeup, and when and where to catch the shuttle to the reception.

Don’t forget to add essential details like meeting for the official wedding photos, the time and location of the ceremony itself, the location and duration of the cocktail hour, and whether there’s a wedding after party.

Since the cards are just printed paper, they can take any form you like. Match the style to your wedding theme; if you’re having a Hollywood-themed wedding, present the timetable as a faux shot list for a blockbuster movie.

If you’re having a tropics-themed wedding, present the timetable as a faux menu of tropical drinks. As long as the relevant information is presented clearly, timetable cards are an opportunity to have a little extra creative fun.

A Stress-Free Wedding

While there’s truly no such thing as a wedding that’s entirely stress-free, at least you can help your wedding come as close as possible. Keep your guests and yourself on track with impeccable organization. You may not be able to control what happens once your family and friends all get into the same room, but at least you’ll make sure they all get to the right room. After that, your job is easy: just say, “I do!”