Crafty and Creative Ideas for DIY Wedding Favors

You want your wedding day to be distinctly you.  Help to personalize your special day by creating unique do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding favors for your guests. All you need is a little imagination, time, and a healthy dose of creativity to make gifts that your friends and relatives will remember long after your wedding is over.

Floral DIY Wedding Favors

Flowers are such an important focal point of your big day. By creating a beautiful floral DIY wedding favor, you can give your guests a piece of your wedding that will brighten up their home and remind them of the happiness they experienced during your event.

You can easily create a beautiful DIY wedding favor by taking the bulbs of a type of flower you have chosen for your bouquet, and placing them in stylish votive candleholders, covering them with enough water to cover the top of the roots.

Or, for easy transportation, transplant a sprig of your chosen bud into fun holders such as tin cans or inexpensive mini clay pots. These favors serve a dual purpose; you can use them for seating assignments and as a functional gift that guests can take home.

Here’s another fun garden-inspired idea: help your guests’ gardens grow by handing out a fun container complete with an assortment of flower or plant seeds.

Attach a label on the back with planting directions, and a pretty handmade–or computer generated–label on the front with your name and your groom’s name as well as the date of your wedding. Every time your guests look at their lovely garden, it will be a reminder of the two of you and your happy day!

Tasty Treat DIY Wedding Favors

Providing your guests with tasty treats to take home is a great way to leave a sweet impression. Whether your specialty is baking or buying confections, these favors can help you show your gratitude with each delicious bite.

Take a tall canister with a clear top and fill it with your favorite candy. Tie a pretty ribbon around the container and attach a decorative tag to the top of the clear lid. Voila, an easy-to-assemble and easy-to-transport reminder of the event.

And who doesn’t love petit fours? After all, it’s mini cake! Surprise your guests with this treat by taking a small favor box (or making your own) and placing the petit fours inside. Tie a satin ribbon around the box into a pretty bow. Cut a tag out of ivory cardstock and stamp it with a rubber stamp that has your new monogram. Place the tag under the bow on top of the box.

Crafty Takeaways

When it comes to crafty DIY wedding favors, your only limit is your imagination! Homemade favors show your guests that you put some thought and effort into their gift and best of all they can be customized for any wedding theme.

Potpourri is a great DIY wedding favor:  it’s easy to make and smells wonderful. Try something different by creating stove-top potpourri mix. To do this, you need a pretty plastic bag for each guest. In the bag, place a whole orange, half of a cup of cranberries, three cinnamon sticks, grated nutmeg, and a small amount of whole cloves.

Tie the bag with a pretty ribbon, type the following instructions for the potpourri on a colorful piece of cardstock, and attach to the bag.

Instructions: Cut the orange into sections. Place the contents of the bag into a saucepan and fill with water. Place pan on the stove on the lowest setting and refill with water as necessary.

Make bath time fun for your guests by filling cute containers with bath salts or body scrub. Print out labels with your guest’s name (if used as a placeholder) or your monogram and wedding date and affix to the front of the container. This may seem like a girly gift, but guys will probably appreciate it as much as everyone else (even if they won’t admit it).

Creating DIY wedding favors is a great way to personalize your wedding and offer a creative thank you to your attendees. These touches show that you put thought and effort into making the day special for your guests and help you exercise those DIY muscles!