Are Your Wedding Bathrooms Cute Enough?

The average guest pays a lot of attention to the food, drinks, and music at your wedding reception. If the guest is especially observant, he may notice the decorations around the ceiling corners. The one area even the most astute guest won’t usually focus on, though, is the wedding bathrooms. This doesn’t mean you get to skip decorating them, though.

When a guest walks through the bathroom door and gets surprised by a thoughtful detail in the loo, it does more to elevate his perception of your wedding than all of the more predictable embellishments combined–precisely because it’s unexpected. Let your guests know you care by making sure even their private moments are comfortable and elegant.

Cute Mirror Decorations

What’s the one place in your bathrooms where most guests are guaranteed to look? The mirror, of course! Decorate yours with some cute designs, such as hearts (or anything complementing your wedding theme), around the edges. Dry-erase markers are easy to use and they wipe clean at the end of the night. You may even want to sketch out a “photo booth” frame for the guests who can’t resist taking selfies.

Keep ornate designs to the edges and corners of the mirror so your guests can still use the glass to check their reflections. It doesn’t hurt to write some cute messages to your guests, either. Try something like, “You look great already–now hit the dance floor!”

Bathroom Baskets

When you take the time to prepare special baskets in the bathroom, your guests know they’re in the capable hands of an exceptional host. Stock your bathroom basket with items that are essential for your guests’ comfort. Hand lotion, cologne, combs, mouthwash, and makeup for touch-ups are popular choices.

Think about what your guests might need for your wedding specifically. If you expect energetic dancing at your reception, include mini-deodorant bottles or perfume. If you’re serving red wine, include some sticks of stain-remover. Your guests will love your thoughtfulness.


Not only do you need to make sure your bathrooms look great, but you need to make sure they’re functional, too! If you don’t have a venue that’s minding the facilities throughout your event, it’s up to you to stock up on items like extra toilet paper, hand towels, soap, air freshener, and cleaning supplies so you don’t have to send a friend out on errands mid-wedding. (Store everything under a sink or in a closet so it’s not sitting in a visible pile.)


If your venue allows open flame, candles are the perfect addition to bathrooms. Not only do they set a scene, but they also keep the room smelling fresh. Err on the side of lighter scents, since some people have sensitivities to strong fragrances. Incense can also help to keep bathrooms smelling pleasant. Be sure you keep open flame away from walls and towels, and only use low candles in sturdy containers to reduce the risk of tipping. Floating candles in bowls of water is another safety precaution.

Flower Petals

Whether they accompany floating candles or are featured on their own, flower petals floating in bowls of water are beautiful centerpieces for bathroom countertops. Giving the sink area a pretty focal point, such as floating flowers, keeps guests’ eyes off of less-charming bathroom elements (such as exposed pipes) that you can’t control. Make sure the bowls are sturdy and the water level is low so the flowers don’t get knocked over by a purse or elbow. Strongly-scented flowers, such as roses, jasmine, or gardenias, provide a natural perfume.

Bathroom Door Signs

Nothing robs a venue of its charm like turning a corner and seeing industrial signs on the bathroom doors. For a well-decorated wedding, a large plastic sign reading “MEN” or “WOMEN” just won’t do. If there are separate bathrooms for men and women, decorate each entrance with a photo of the bride or groom. This is a great place to display cute baby photos of the lucky couple! (Just make sure you don’t confuse guests into not realizing that the doors do, in fact, lead to bathrooms.)

Stylized Dispensers

Don’t just use the bottle the soap came in, label and all. You’re not here to advertise a product; you’re setting an elegant mood for your wedding! Especially if you think you may use the set in your home bathroom later, invest in a matching array of soap dispensers, lotion dispensers, and soap dishes. That way, you’ll have a pleasant reminder of your wedding every time you wash your hands.

While decorating your bathrooms isn’t as important as, say, decorating your ceremony space, a few nice restroom touches go a long way. Let your guests know that you care about their comfort no matter where they are at your event. You’ll be rewarded with even happier faces at your reception.