A Wizard of Oz Themed Wedding

Ask anyone to name their top ten favorite classic movies, and The Wizard of Oz is sure to make the cut. The whimsical classic has captured generations of imaginations and is just as sure to captivate your wide-eyed flower girl as it is to charm your 80-year-old grandmother. For a fanciful wedding theme that appeals to all of your guests alike, you can’t go wrong with Oz.

Beloved Themes

Follow the yellow-brick aisle! Create an unforgettable walk (or even a skip) down your wedding aisle by patterning it after the famous road to adventure and happiness. You can paint faux yellow bricks on canvas, or you can paint and arrange actual bricks into a path leading to your altar. If you’re worried about snagging a heel in the cracks, use large, flat, painted-yellow stones as a level walking surface.

No Oz-themed wedding would be complete without a pair of ruby-red shoes! Gem-covered wedding shoes make a fun DIY project for brides looking to add a personal touch. Are you worried that bright red won’t complement the rest of your wedding outfit? You have another option. In L. Frank Baum’s original novel, Dorothy actually wore silver shoes instead of ruby slippers. (The film version changed the color as a way to show off their recently-developed Technicolor process.) Whether you go for a “Classic Dorothy” or you want the film’s ruby-red look, you’ll be stepping prettily with a pair of magical bridal shoes.

The movie’s soaring orchestral music is a perfect pick to tug on all the heartstrings in the room. When Dorothy sings, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” she’s dreaming of a wonderful place not unlike the married life that awaits you. Celebrate that Technicolor dream with a rainbow wedding cake. The vibrant layers will amaze your guests and make for a perfect photo.

Don’t forget the outside of your cake! Adorn your centerpiece dessert with a winding “yellow icing road,” red poppy flowers, green “sugar emeralds,” a topsy-turvy tornado, or even the wicked witch’s striped legs sticking out from the bottom. 

Represent the “Lollipop Guild” with colorful lollipop bouquets as table centerpieces. The delectable treats can serve not only as decorations, but also as dessert and as party favors. You can intersperse different shapes, colors, and flavors of lollipops with live flowers, or arrange them in attractive lollipop stands.

Everyone remembers the iconic scene at the end of the movie where Dorothy is captured by the wicked witch and an hourglass is counting her time running out. Although Dorothy’s situation wasn’t that appealing, giant hourglasses definitely are. Create a striking hourglass centerpiece that will count the time until the wedding speeches begin–or better yet, the cutting of the cake!

Custom-painted signs will bring your theme to life no matter what venue you choose. Commission signs from local artists with quotes like, “We’re not in Kansas anymore” or “There’s no place like home.” You can also invite all of your friends to brainstorm wedding puns like, “If I only had a bride.”

Celebrate the Emerald City by giving your bridesmaids gifts of emerald (or emerald-colored) jewelry. Have your groomsmen wear matching emerald-hued ties. You can also evoke the glitter of the Emerald City with hanging green gems, chandeliers, or a green light on a disco ball to throw green sparkles over your guests as they dance at the reception. 


Throwing a wedding with a fanciful theme means everyone has a chance to get into the action. If your maid of honor or the mother of the bride wants to play the part of Glinda the Good Witch, encourage her by offering to scour the mall for the perfect pink dress. Glinda is also a fantastic costume choice for officiants who want to get in on the fun; after all, she waves her magic wand and wonderful things happen! Another fun option for an officiant is taking on the role of the wizard himself. He gives the characters truly meaningful gifts that encourage them to believe in themselves; what more could you ask for from the person granting your union? 

Will you be inviting flower girls or other children into your wedding? This is the perfect opportunity to go shopping for flying monkey or munchkin outfits! Not only will the little darlings be sure to elicit “awws” and chuckles, but if they get a little rambunctious and forget where they’re supposed to stand, it will all seem like part of the show. You can send the costumes home with the parents as a thank-you gift.

Don’t forget Toto! Although incorporating pets into your wedding can add a level of complication, with careful planning any dog (or even cat) can play the role of the much-beloved Toto. Throw an extra-large name tag on your pet that says, “And Toto too!” Just be sure to assign a “pet wrangler” whose sole responsibility it is to make sure the animal stays calm and is given food, water, and trips outside.

The Wonderful World of Oz

When most people think of Oz, they think of a story filled with innocence, hope, and brilliant colors. Enchant your guests by embodying these qualities in your wedding celebration. Judy Garland put it best when she sang about Dorothy’s dreams, which could just as easily represent the experience of finding the perfect life partner: “And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”