A chocoholics wedding

Sure, you love your fiancé. But why not give a shout-out to your other lifelong love? As far as wedding themes go, you could do a lot worse than chocolate. Serve decadent treats or just pay homage to your favorite dessert with visual themes. It’s a great way to guarantee a sweet celebration.

Sumptuous Wedding Colors

The great thing about chocolate is that it comes in nearly every color. Fill your venue with rich, chocolaty browns for a sensual color palette that will put your guests in a decadent mood. Look for deep, dark earth tones and tan browns to pair with rippling silks and satins.

If you want to pair your chocolate with a “filling,” go with a warm brown as one color and a cream, mint, or raspberry as your second color. Don’t forget to serve plates of matching candies. 

Looking for a way to help your wedding party stand out without assigning them identical clothing? Ask each bridesmaid or groomsman to choose the same style of outfit in a color to match their favorite type of chocolate. It will provide visual continuity as well as giving everyone an instant conversation topic.

Don’t forget white chocolate! As the bride and groom, you can stand apart from the crowd with layers of pure white and cream. You can even bring a swatch of your wedding wear to your bakery when you commission your white chocolate cake to ensure that you match tones exactly.

Chocolaty Treats

Keep your guests delighted with one taste adventure after another by serving several courses of chocolaty treats. You can serve chocolate during a cocktail hour by serving very small squares of different flavors. Mix things up with dark, milk, and white chocolate bases studded with additions like sea salt, smoked chili, cacao nibs, candied citrus peel, or lavender flowers. Don’t forget to offer crowd-pleasers like coconut, almond, or dried cherries in addition to plain varieties to be sure you please every guest.

In addition to chocolate squares, offer other fun items like bonbons with different fillings. From fruit nougat to sweet nut pastes and flavored liqueurs, fillings can give guests a greater range of tastes and textures than chocolate alone. Don’t forget the chocolate-covered cherries!

Looking for a slightly healthier treat? Dip fresh fruit in molten chocolate and lay it on wax paper to dry. It’s a treat you can accomplish fairly easily yourself, although it’s easier to order trays from your caterer if you want chocolate-dipped fruit on a large scale. Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a classic delicacy to pair with champagne, although thin melon slices and dried strips of mango are also crowd-pleasers. For a more exotic look, dip whole blueberries or delicate strips of candied citrus peel. If you want to throw healthy food to the wind, serve some chocolate-dipped marshmallows as well.

Want to take your chocolate obsession to a whole new level? Speak with your caterer about designing a chocolate wedding cake. If you want to make your aesthetic choice really pop, ice your cake in traditional white icing so the first slice reveals layers of chocolate decadence for all to see.

Chocolate isn’t just for desserts, either. Grace your main course with the power of chocolate by roasting meat in Mexican mole sauce or dusting plates with unsweetened cocoa powder.

Chocolate Fondue

While any pot of melted chocolate will do, you’ll really score points with your party if you rent a chocolate fountain. These noteworthy centerpieces keep the chocolate circulating all night and create an atmosphere of delicious excess. You can rent chocolate fountains for a few hundred dollars for a full evening. Don’t forget to serve skewers of dipping treats like banana slices, raspberries, strawberries, pineapple wedges, cream puffs, pretzels, or gummy candies. Your chocolate fountain will be a converging point for guests all evening. 

Sippable Chocolate

It isn’t enough to offer tasty chocolate morsels. The true connoisseurs will provide chocolate for guests’ sipping pleasure, as well. Dressing up hot chocolate with flavors like raspberry, hazelnut, and mint will give autumn and winter occasions a cozy feeling, but chocolate isn’t just for warm beverages anymore. 

Mix crème de cacao with flavored vodkas and creamy liqueurs to create a concoction of signature cocktails. Stir it with banana liqueur and a dash of cream for a drinkable banana split, or evoke your favorite candy bars with peanut cream liqueur and caramel liqueur. Go classic with the chocolate martini: dark chocolate liqueur and vanilla vodka. You can name drinks after landmark moments in your relationship for an added “cute” factor. 

Don’t forget to garnish! Rolled cinnamon bark and candy canes make great swizzle sticks, while glasses can always be rimmed in sugar, cocoa powder, or white chocolate shavings. 

Sweet Favors

Bid guests a fond adieu by giving them wedding favors they’re sure to savor. Chocolate bars can be customized with personal labels–just find a company in your city or online, and give them any photos and wording you like. Each bar can have a photo of the kissing couple, or fun facts about the bride’s and groom’s favorite things.

You can also let guests choose their own favors by presenting them with a chocolate buffet. Simply offer a stack of small bags on one side and let people work their way down the line, choosing whichever candies are their favorites. The bags can be personalized with your names and wedding date for a long-lasting keepsake. 

Sweeten the Whole Room

You can work chocolate into every aspect of your proceedings if you like. Set up stations offering gourmet chocolate samplings from around the world. Hand out molded chocolate mustaches on sticks for guests to play “masquerade.” You may even decide to invest in a large chocolate sculpture as a room centerpiece. (Unlike an ice sculpture, you’ll get to keep it when you’re done!) However you choose to celebrate your love of the tasty cacao bean, you and your partner will be assured of a delicious start to your new life.