4 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair

Curls add volume and movement to your hair, but you don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror to achieve this. These four methods are our favorite easy ways to curl your hair, giving you the option of a variety of looks without a lot of hassle.

The Classic Curling Iron

Curling irons provide even, shiny curls in nearly any size, from ringlets to large waves, offering one of the easiest ways to curl your hair. Start with completely dry locks and spritz a quality heat protectant throughout, brushing with a comb for even distribution.

Clip two thirds of your hair up and curl the loose hair, broken up into two or more sections, with the curling iron, waiting for the outside of the hair to heat up before you release. Take down another section of hair from the clip and repeat this process until your entire head is covered in ringlets or waves.

When you’re finished, leave your hair as is, with quick blast of hair-spray to hold, for defined curls, or lightly brush through it with your fingers or a brush for tousled locks.

Foam Rollers

Get long-holding, shiny curls with foam rollers. As with a curling iron, the narrower the roller, the tighter the curls. Heat up each section of dry hair with a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer before wrapping it up. Mix different sizes for a natural look: larger rollers towards the top and crown of your head with smaller rollers as you work towards the neck.

Once all of your hair is rolled, spritz everything with a light-hold hairspray and allow the curls to cool for as long as possible. This is the perfect time to do your makeup, flip through a magazine, browse Beauty is Pleasure, or get yourself packed up for work.

They are soft and easy to sleep in, so you can also wrap your hair the night before and just unwind in the morning before work. Release the rollers and use a fine tooth comb to part and style the hair.

Retro Heated Rollers

Achieve uniform, tight curls with heated rollers. Always start with very dry hair; any dampness will cause the roller to scorch delicate locks. This easy way to curl your hair is simple: let the curlers heat up in the box and then wrap sections of hair around the rollers, pinning them in place.

Remove the rollers when the hair and rollers are completely cool to the touch. This is the perfect start for elaborate up-dos or a fancier take on a classic ponytail.

No-Heat Curls

You don’t have to burn your hair into submission to achieve luscious curls. Starting with slightly damp hair, apply a shine-enhancing serum. Take sections of hair and wrap them around strips of fabric: the wider the section, the softer the curls. Tie the fabric to hold the curl in place.

As an alternative, place a headband over the crown of your head and forehead, and then wrap sections of hair around the band until the ends are neatly under the elastic.

Allow your hair to air dry, preferably overnight, before untying and removing the fabric, releasing the hair from the rags or headband. The result is shiny, slightly-messy curls, perfect for that bed-head or beachy look when brushed out.