2023 Wedding Trends – A Round Up

The weather is cooling down and the kids are back in school. Fall has officially arrived. Christmas is just around the corner, followed by a whole new year—of wedding trends. Some brand new trends are leaving their mark this year, but some are throwing us back more than a few years. Read on to see if you should raid your grandmother’s closet before getting those final items on your bridal checklist.

The Flowers

Two of next season’s trendiest flowers are garden roses and peonies. These round blooms share a similar shape, so it makes sense that baby’s breath is having a moment in 2021 as well. The variation of the baby’s breath will shed light on the differences between the two romantic flowers in your bouquet.

As we move deeper into the 21st century, it’s possible that we may eventually leave traditional flowers behind. Next year, succulents have carved out a big spot for themselves on the wedding trend board. Succulents literally come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them produce various beautiful flowers themselves. Nixing flowers in your celebration and sticking with succulents is no longer just a West Coast thing.


There are two major veil trends taking over next year, giving brides an easy decision to make: stay simple or get elaborate.

The hippie influence is here to stay, and the best of it is influencing brides across the globe. Delicate flower crowns are replacing veils for some brides, their simplicity bringing a peacefulness that completes the wedding day look.

If simple isn’t your style, take the opportunity to get dramatic. Big, ornate veils are all the rage, whether they’re embroidered, beaded, or basic. Don’t be afraid to forgo the veil, either—attention-stealing headpieces are taking center stage next year. Anne Hathaway was a few steps ahead of the rest of us! Fasten yours with bobby pins or a satin headband, or even go all out and (have a tailor) attach it directly to your veil.

The Dress

The Great Gatsby may have been in and out of theaters quickly, but its fashion influence is sticking around a bit longer. Bare shoulders are out. Choose an elegant cap sleeve or cover up completely with full lace sleeves. Looser, draped sleeves will also find their way onto some brides’ shoulders next year.

Sleeves may be in, but that doesn’t mean you have to cover up to your chin. Sensational and open-backed wedding gowns are introducing a new kind of sophistication. Whether strappy, sheer, or intricately carved, it’s clear that your back is the skin you do want to be showing. If you can’t bring yourself to forget about the gorgeous strapless dress you tried on last week, you’re in luck. Shawls, cardigans, and even capes are a necessary addition for any 2021 bride.

Glitz and glamor aren’t limited to the bride’s head next year. Dress trends for 2021 include beaded details, embroidered fabric, and even sequins. A shiny, lacy top-layer or a glistening sash will be considered subtle next year. If it sparkles or shines, it deserves to walk down the aisle.

Some brides are demanding attention by flashing something other than sequins: their legs. It’s hard to say if floor-length dresses will ever go out of style, but shorter hemlines are making an entrance in 2021. Mid-calf or mid-thigh, take your pick, but do it soon; if Miley is any indication, the hems will keep rising quickly.

Bold, eye-catching details might be in style on the bride next year, but as far as colors go, classic is what’s hot. Simple black and white weddings are making waves, as well as gray and nude tones. Many designers are serving a dollop of color along with the neutral themes; in particular, mint and shades of blue. Raspberry, coral, and other shades of pink are also in style.

Surprise your guests by dressing your bridal party in softer tones and allowing your gown to be the piece that pops with color. Add a layer of mystery instead by lining the underside of your white gown with the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Get inspired, but remember, trends are trends: they’re here now and they’ll be gone—and back—soon enough. You do you, and you’ll be happy with that decision for many, many seasons of Fashion Police to come.