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Let’s face it, we all want to be loved, missed, and appreciated. It’s a natural part of any relationship and is particularly the case when things end. If you’re hoping to reignite the spark between you, she has to want it too. So you may find yourself wondering how to make her miss you. And this can be the case whether you’re in a relationship, or have broken up with your partner but find your feelings still linger.

There are a few things you can do, whether you’re together or not, that can help with missing your ex or figuring out how to make a girl miss you. 

If you’ve broken up

Break ups can be hard, but the only way to truly be happy again is to get over them. It’s natural for you to pine for your partner and your relationship, but if you really want them back, there is one thing you can do. Make them miss you. And there are a few ways that you can make this happen.

Is it worth it?

Before you decide to make her miss you, work out if the relationship is even worth saving. If you’re going to put the work in to tempt her back, you have to make sure it’s worth it. 

A lot of us tend to trauma bond with our partners, which could also explain why the breakup is causing you so much pain. If you can’t get her out of your head, it’s vital to take a step back for a sec to fully understand why. Is she the one that got away? Or are you caught up in your pain about the breakup? 

Once you answer those tough questions, you’ll know whether you should take action if you’re missing your ex.

Work on yourself

So you’ve decided you want to win your partner back. The first thing to realise is that the best revenge isn’t revenge at all. It’s happiness. If you want to know how to make a girl miss you, the answer lies in you. By being your best self, you’re sure to show her what she’s missing. 

Focus on taking the steps you need to help you heal from the breakup and improve your self-development in general. Often after a breakup, you can feel as though you’ve lost a part of yourself. So part of the healing process is rediscovering yourself, including what you enjoy as well as who you are without your partner.

Is there a new hobby you wanted to take up? Or have you always dreamed of switching jobs? Maybe you want to start therapy to work through any problems you have. Whatever way you want to improve your life, there’s no better time than after a break up to do so. 

Besides being a surefire way to make your ex see what she’s missing, working on yourself also helps you to feel more confident and happy about your life. Once you start figuring your way to a more fulfilling, positive life, all you need to do is let her come to you. 

Show her what she’s missing

You can’t do all that work just for your ex not to see it! Social media is the ultimate tool for showing off how great your life is. And while that entails other issues of its own, for the purposes of showing your ex what she’s missing, social media is your new best friend. 

So don’t be afraid to post a few pics of you enjoying your newfound freedom. After all, how can she know what she’s missing if she can’t see it? 

Space is crucial

If you really want to rekindle things, then you need to give it a little space and time. The harsh reality is that your ex is way less likely to miss you if you’re available. Now we’re not saying you should make yourself totally unavailable, but a little air of mystery won’t hurt. 

We all know the saying that “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. In fact, studies have shown that it’s actually true. So let things develop naturally, and try not to force anything. Without sounding too philosophical, if you guys are meant to be together, then it’ll happen.

If you’re together

On the other side of things we have the couples. Maybe you’re feeling a little neglected or underappreciated. Or perhaps your issue with your partner is a lack of affection. Missing each other should be a natural occurrence, so if your beau is getting a bit frosty, it could be the time to give her a reality check. 

Just because you’re together, it doesn’t mean you can’t make her miss you still. Part of being in a relationship is that warm feeling that you’re someone’s favourite person. And being missed is a big part of any healthy relationship. So here’s a few tips on how to make her miss you, even if you are an item.

Do your own thing

Having your own life is crucial in any relationship. We all need to have a balance between the different areas of our lives, including our relationships. Spending time apart while you see your own friends or delve into your own hobbies is a great way to naturally establish a little distance between you and your partner. 

She will then naturally miss you when you both have your own things to do, so when you do get together it’ll be extra special. 

Be reciprocal

Like anything else in a relationship, missing each other must be reciprocal. You can’t expect your partner to miss you if you don’t miss them. So practise expressing your emotions and let them know you care. 

This helps you to develop intimacy in your relationship, and when your partner knows you care, it’ll encourage them to be more open with their emotions too. If you need some ideas about getting in the sharing mood, check out our favourite quotes about love and intimacy.